Do you know what you need? You need to pop some balloons. And not just any balloons. Fantastic balloons. You need PopTastic. Here's why...

You want more than loud noises and floppy latex. You want points - lots of points. And leaderboards, so you can pwn your friends. And camera support so you can take a picture of Howard, put it on a balloon, and pop it. (His name's probably not Howard, but you know someone who's face would look good on a popping balloon.)

What makes a balloon fantastic, you ask? Stuff. Inside. Stuff like...
+ Other balloons that are different colors. You have to pop those twice, and you've got to get that inner balloon into a group that's the right color.
+ Pins that shoot out and pop neighboring balloons. The pins tend to mess up whatever plan you had for clearing a level. If your fingers bleed after playing, it's probably* from the pins.
+ Clocks are good. They add time back on to your bonus timer. There's a right time and a wrong time to pop one of these. The right time is -- (rrriiinngg)... excuse me a second... sorry, I've gotta take this call.


+ Pop groups of colored balloons
+ Score points for bigger groups, and bonus points for clearing the board
+ Clear the board with enough points to open the next level - 20 levels in all
+ Face Popper opens with level 20 - take a photo and put it on a balloon
+ Beware - some balloons contain pins, clocks or other balloons
+ Rotate your device - balloons float to whichever side is "up"
+ Leaderboards - compete with your friends
+ Highly addicting

* not

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