Lightning mania is easy to play arcade game with four levels. The goal of the game is to catch as many thunderbirds as you can. To control the player, just touch it and move it in desired direction. Each level has a new thunderbird, which has its own tricks. If you get hurt by lightning you can refill your energy by catching first aid. To make the game more interesting and fun you can catch power-ups and power-downs. There are four types of power-ups and power-downs: Energy drink - player is extra fast; Sticky soil - player is extra slow; Lightning madness - thunderbirds are extra fast, if you catch them you get extra points; Annoying wind - wind effect on thunderbirds, if you catch them you get extra points.

Gameteam presents
Lightning Mania
Featuring Matic Milavec et al
Done with XNI framework:
Visit us on the web:
Done within TINR course taught by Matej Jan, Bojan Klemenc & Peter Peer
Computer Vision Lab
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana

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