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The aliens have landed!!!

Unfortunately, they're not quite where they'd hoped to be.

Bleesnop 9, galactic hero of the Snarflar solar system (and nephew of the Snarflarian Emperor of District B), finds himself in a pickle when his diplomatic mission to Earth lands him at a local aquarium during feeding hours.

B9 has traveled light years to introduce Earth to advanced Snarflar technology and culture, but thanks to a mixup on the part of his booking agent, he's now face-to-face with the aquatic residents of the aquarium, a somewhat "fishy" audience.

And just when you think things can't get worse...



Whether you choose Easy, Medium or Insane difficulty settings, this fast-paced, darkly comic game offers a progressively harder challenge the longer you play.

With aquarium onlookers making snide comments and the hungry piranha closing in, how long can you keep Bleesnop out of harm's way? Earn points in one of two ways: Stay alive the longest, or endure the most bites!

With powerups and quick reflexes/thinking, shoot for top scores locally or through the Game Center (if available on your device).

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