Calling on all cricket fans of the world, a Fantasy Cricket game based on the most prestigious tournament of the year.

Play with us, enjoy Cricket to the fullest!!!

It's all about you being in charge; in-charge of a cricket team with real life players from various countries qualified to play this year's tournament. When 'your' players perform on the field of play you earn Fantasy Points. These scores are then posted onto the Game Center. The more points you earn the higher your position will be on the Global Leader Board.


* Weekly Leaderboards for the League stage of the cup. So form your team and put your name up on that leaderboard anytime.
* Drop and Add players with ease.
* View and compare your players' performances with other players.
* Fully integrated with the Game Center Leaderboards. So you know how you are doing on the world stage.

You can get started in as many as four simple steps:

1. Read the drafting and point calculation rules of the game
2. Circle in on your team composition (more batsmen than bowlers or vice versa, more players from your favorite country etc)
3. Research player statistics and their recent form
4. Draft your team

Fly high! Scintillate! Enthrall! All you swashbucklers, sloggers, grafters, finishers and CONNOISSEURS!!!!!!!!

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