Sorry, text in this game is Japanese only.

iPhone / iPod touch / iPad is a game for the ADV.
Play time is 10 to 20 minutes.

<How Do I>
- Continue reading the text on tap
- Two fingers to Menu
- Three fingers to skip enforcement of a sentence
- View history in the Up flick
- Clear the temporary sentence in the left flick
- Auto progress in the game right flick

Foursome is good, head to take the high school, everyone was supposed to go to the same high school.
However, the result is one of them, going to the same high school and the other three could not.

"Unfortunately, I like to play now."
"Yes, I'm still so far"

I was going to, one another and become more comfortable with each other in high school,
Situation is gradually changing, there may. And ...

"At the end, we tried to ... ... I ..."

If the environment changes, and what helped.
So convinced was their daily lives.

But while there are contacts, met one day, suddenly, was heard.

"Hey, we Nde I broke ..."

Words were not even considered.
Of course, at that time, and the answer would not be found.
Well, those days was followed by ...

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