Pretty Pet Salon is topping iTunes charts all over the world! To express our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support, Pretty Pet Salon HD, which originally was $0.99, is now free to download! Grab it now while it’s free. Get ready to run your very own Pretty Pet Salon now!

Attention: We have heard reports that certain iPads are reporting problems when playing viewing the Pet Salon Tutorial, we already have a patch in the works which will hopefully get approved soon. In order to keep playing Pet Salon HD you should be able to do so by skipping the Tutorial or resuming your last game session. If you experience any other problems please e-mail us at and we will do our best to assist you.

The best-selling Pretty Pet Salon goes HD and is now on the iPad!

- Get ready to run your very own Pet Salon!
- Serve customers, earn money, and make your shop bigger and better!
- Grow your staff, and hire new employees brimming with personality and cuteness!
- Compete with your friends all over the world for the best and most successful Pet Salon out there!
- Just make sure to keep an eye out for two special celebrity guest customers... they'll give your Salon a real surprise!

This fun and addictive game is sure to provide you with hours of pet-grooming fun!

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