Make tennis a social event: play over the internet while chatting or flirting with your opponent. Just like in real life!

* Play alone, or with another player over the internet, using Game Center
* The other player can be chosen randomly, or by gender, or selected from your friend list
* Use voice-chat to chat or flirt with your opponent
* If you like your opponent, you can give her/him a smiley reward. If you receive a smiley-reward, it counts towards your achievements. Try to collect them all!
* If you connect with a random player, your Game Center ID will remain anonymous, until you give a smiley reward
* Try to get all 32 achievements and get to the top on 3 leaderboards (solo, friends and flirts)
* Flirt in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Chinese or Japanese
* Control the ball-direction through accelerometer based control. You can also give strong spin-effect to confuse your opponent
* Select between bounce tennis (where the ball bounces back on the left and right side), or open tennis (where the ball goes out on the left and right)
* Expand your social network by making new friends: get connected using Tennis Flirt

Have fun playing a game of online-tennis, but triple the fun by flirting with your opponent, while enjoying giving and receiving smiley rewards and getting achievements. Turn a simple game of tennis into something more!

Note: Voice chat is only available when you connect through Wi-Fi. For 3rd gen iPod touch models, or older, you need a headset with built-in microphone

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