Enjoy famous board game Othello or named Reversi with the app.
Support iOS 4 and Retina Display.
Strong AI algorithm and simulation UI.

NOTE:Do not choose hardest level, few person can win it. Need take back when playing? Shake your iPhone.

Game Rule
The game is played on a board with 64 squares (8x8) with discs that have a white and a black side.
Black plays first and places a disc, black side uppermost, on any square on the board such that he 'traps' at least one of his opponents pieces between the disc he has just placed and any other of his colour already on the board.
Play continues alternately. First black, then white. If at any time a player does not have a legal move i.e. there is nowhere he can play that flips one of his opponent's discs, he must pass and his opponent plays again. It is possible to pass several times in succession. When neither player has a legal move (usually when the board is full but not always) the game ends. The winner is the player with the most pieces of his colour showing.

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