Delta13 is a MMORTS, or Massively Multi-player Online Real Time Space. In a nutshell, it is related to OGame. In Delta13 players will start out with a small, non-developed world to raise their empire on. With some of the best strategy available on the IPhone or IPod Touch, Delta13 has many immersing features:
-All the features OGame and OGame clones have
-Credits: Invest, loan, and trade with players for resources
-Soldiers : Craving galactic domination? Take over other planets with an onslaught of soldiers.
-Missiles: Perhaps you feel a certain planet should not exist...
-Trading Goods: Delta13 has an extensive, Player-Oriented trading system
-Alien Ships: The best of the best
-Dedicated Admins!
-Custom Ships: Tech-Tree not big enough? Do you need a ship with certain capabilities? Why don't you make it!
-And many more new features!

The basic OGame features are:
-Multiple Planets
-Build Gigantic fleets
-Make Planetary Defenses

Delta13 is a sandbox game, meaning what happens in it is all up to you. Some players become miners, some make gigantic fleets, and other sell ship blueprints to get resources. Whether you want galactic domination or are content to support other players, it's all up to you.

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