GuGuBlocks is a game that blocks are put together to fill a game board by elementary mathematics skill. To play this game, you need to memorize multiplication table from 2 to 9. GuGuBlocks is a good game for your children to improve multiplication and reasoning skill. Also, This game is suitable for all ages.

The game, GuGuBlocks, is easy to play. After you tap the play button on the main screen, you can adjust the range of multiplication and then this program randomly creates a new game board with hints. Each hint on the board shows an area of corresponding block. You decide the number of rows and columns and location to satisfy the hint. To finish one game, you have to fill the entire board with selected blocks without one empty cell.

The number of boards which can be made is infinite. So you can enjoy various game by selecting different options. The game levels depend on what options you choose, such as the range of multiplication and board size.


Unlimited play
Easy user interface to fill a box by two or three taps.
Available to select multiplication in range 2 to 9.
Show a possible answer.
Three different cell sizes: small, medium and large.
Four different board size: 10 x 10, 20 x 20, 30 x 30, 40 x 40.
Automatically change selected box color and manually choose a color among 9 different colors.
Game clock
Turn on or off sound effect.

Enjoy GuGuBlocks.

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