iGoldPop App details:

Have fun with iGoldPop, a classic surprise game designed for one player.

Play this fun game! Test your ESP!

Pop each balloon to find the gold nuggets. But be careful! You might be "sorry" if you pop the wrong one!

See how many games you can win. When the game is over you are either the big winner or the big loser.

Try your luck. See if you can find the lucky balloon!
If you do, you are on a winning streak. You need 11 "wins" to win the game.

This game is a good stress reliever.
Pop your way to a less stressful life!

For 1 player. Or you can take turns with a friend.

Automatic scoring to 11 games. 11 wins or losses starts the game over again.

No computer player. It is no fun when the computer always wins!

Only $0.99, a real bargain for this unique entertainment!

Instructions and rules are included on the info screen. ( see screenshot below)

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