A long time ago, in Persia, a poor boy called Aladdin was playing with his friends in the streets of his city. A stranger came up to him and asked him if he was not the son of Mustapha the Tailor. “I am, sir” replied Aladdin; “but he died a long while ago.” When the stranger heard this, he embraced Aladdin saying, “My boy – I am your long lost uncle.”
The False Uncle was a cunning magician who wanted to get a magical lamp from a hidden mountain. Aladdin was successful to get the lamp but refused to give it to the magician and the magician left him to die in the cave.
Aladdin rubbed the lamp and to his surprise a genie came out of it asking for a command.
With the Help of Genie he came out of the cave,Built Palaces, married the princess ,etc.
BUT this was not the end when the cunning magician saw that Aladdin is out of the cave he stole the lamp a cunning way.
For the fear of being stolen the magician hid the Magical lamp in a secret door in the middle of a desert.
Help Aladdin to collect all the coins to open the door.Beware of the animals they are the result of some magical spells by the magician to protect the lamp.

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