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Newton's Dream is a one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional (3D) kinetic touch particle visualizer. By tapping the device, the user is able to "paint" with and rearrange stars in a custom-designed "galaxy" according to the laws of gravity. Newton's Dream goes far beyond similar apps available for mobile devices, in that it is three-dimensional (3D) and allows users to rearrange stars in all three spatial dimensions, as well as time.

Newton's Dream features easy controls that allow users to start, stop, and re-start animation sequences. Users also have access to an extensive control panel, which allows them to fine-tune the dynamics of each custom-designed galaxy.

Named after the eminent 17th physicist Isaac Newton, and designed and written by a former graduate student in electrical engineering at Stanford University, Newton's Dream comes with dozens of astronomical, geometrical and mathematical themes, including:

- Saturn
- Hollow Earth
- Rubik's Cube
- Illuminati
- Einstein
- Orion
- Big Dipper
- Celestial Sphere
- Klein Bottle
- Hypercube
- Torus
- Sine Wave

and dozens more!

Newton's Dream ships with built-in music support, so you can listen to your favorite iPod/iTunes songs from within the app itself.

Shaking the device will toggle between "gravity" and "anti-gravity" settings.

Newton's Dream achieves its hypnotic, mesmerizing, trance-like visual effects by utilizing advanced equations from the world of mathematical physics, as well as precision coding techniques to achieve maximum performance from OpenGL.

Newton's Dream was designed and built, in part, using the Cocos2D framework.

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