The odds are against you as enemy squadrons, space fighters, hostile enemies and dangerous forces will stop at nothing to blow you out of the universe. The situation is dire, but you must persevere through dangerous missions using assorted upgrades and your piloting skills. Only the most accomplished space fighter will be able to earn all of the achievements and advance to the final mission...

Your Mission

Rule outer space as the commander of your own spacecraft in the most graphically intense, action-packed shooting game ever to hit the iPhone and iPod. Your goal is to seek, find, and destroy the large enemy spacecraft without getting blown away. You'll know the final battle is upon you when you see the unique enemy spacecraft pass below! But you'll only find it and engage with it after shooting and destroying numerous enemy support craft along the way to your final encounter.

Game play

Advance to the next mission of the game by successfully completing the previous mission. Each mission is increasingly difficult. As you maneuver your spacecraft through hostile threats enroot to your mission's final space battle you gain bonuses for striking enemy targets along the way. The bonuses can be set to activate instantly or on demand by double tapping the screen:

Instant Bonuses
•Extra life
•Gun Upgrade

Double Tap Bonuses
•Mini Gun
•Reflective Shield
•Mega Bomb
•Carpet Bomb

Enhanced Features

•Spectacular graphics and special effects
•High quality background music and sounds
•Sound volume control and volume mute
•Slide difficulty levels:easy/normal/hard
•Calibration setting to adjust iPhone/iPod playing angle to suit your needs
•Achievement board listing bronze, silver, gold trophies for successful or partially successful missions. Collect all silver achievements for bonus planes. Collect all gold to unlock a bonus mission
•Game Center Support

Your spacecraft can be controlled by setting one of two modes:

•Touch: Control the spacecraft's direction by touching and swiping the screen
•Motion: Control the spacecraft's direction by tilting the iPhone or iPod

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