ZeCon is an action Game with a satirical theme based on the Global Financial Crisis, Zombie Banks, & the Zombie eConomy.

Zombie Bankers are running wild, the Dollar is going down the toilet faster than you can say QE3, and the economy is performing like a punch drunk prizefighter. Catch the rampaging Zombie Bankers with your helicopter and dump them in the toilet to plug that dollar sucking vortex and rescue the world from the ravages of the Zombie eConomy.
There's no "Too Big To Fail" in this game world, so grab them while you can - you only have 60 seconds! Be careful of the debt bombs bankrupt Zombie Bankers leave - they are explosive and will cut your time down faster than a banker reaching for his bonus! Keep an eye out for the big dollar powerUps though; they can keep you going with handy time bonuses just when time is running out!
Features :
•Fast and funky control system
•Three unique game modes
•Satisfying Splash when you dump a Zombie Banker
•Addictive gameplay
•Satirical feedback messages
•Custom classic chiptune soundtrack for each mode
•Post highscores in each mode to Facebook/twitter
•Post highscores to Leaderboard on ZeCon website

More information is available at
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