The bad monsters appeared in again Fantasy Garden..
Turns out they were monsters from Mars.
Unlike in Part 1, Boss monsters have also appeared.
Please defeat bad monsters by using items and added five skills.

*How to play
1.General Stage
- Collect 3 or more fruits for change floor color.
To clear game you have to change the colors all of floor.
During play game, you can see some items and obstacles and
enjoy added game.
2.Boss Stage(Every seventh stage)
- Repel the boss monster by make fruits explosion around him.
- Attacks followed an attack can give critical damage bonus.

1.Bomb - remove rock and brick in the explosion radius.
2.Hand - move fruit where you want a specific position.
3.Lightning - remove the rock.
4.Hammer - eliminate bad monster(except boss).
5.Wind - can blow out the leaves and the relatively light weight monster.

- can make all same kind fruits explode.
- When blue bar(S) is full, Touch the blue bar(S) -> Selection "Use Skill" -> Choose fruit.

- On the scene before starting each stage,
Click the Upgrade button in the top left corner.
- you can upgrade 5 kinds of skills.

1.Increase Time limit(HP) - Game time (the boss stage HP volume) increases.
2.Plus Skill point regen - Skills needed to use the skill point (S) raises the value will increase.
3.Plus Mini game - Raises the number of mini-games.
4.More damage to bos - Increases damage against Boss.
5.Increase bomb radius - Increase bomb radius.

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