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We would like to introduce a brand new game based upon an old favorite.

Using Tetrominoes, this game offers many new challenges from its predecessors. With 4 directions of travel and a center drop zone, players have to create Quads (Quadrilaterals) rather than rows or columns.

It is an exciting new addition to the family of Polyminoes games. Create Quads by completing squares or rectangles around a center drop zone, watch the game get more challenging as the center drop zone grows or pieces fall faster.

This game comes with multiple ways of controlling the falling pieces, and a wide array of options to change your challenge level.

Try this game with your friends in multi-player mode where you can compete with each other on the same gameboard.

? 17 levels of gameplay in marathon mode
? Each level has it's own them and artwork
? Marathon, Time only, Center Growth, and Static Gameplay modes
? Up to 4 simultaneous falling pieces in any gameplay mode
? Multi-Player (up to 4) on the same iPad device
? Ability to choose your level of difficulty by choosing what shapes are allowed to be cleared.
? Ability to save as many in-progress games as you wish, and begin play from that point later
? Choose your initial difficulty level
? Ability to save your preferred startup settings
? Ghost piece for ease of seeing where the pieces would ultimately fall to
? Show the pieces that will come in the future
? Single piece hold location, the player can choose when to use the piece, one for each direction in multi-piece mode
? Full instruction manual

Look for the Single Player only version on iPhone, soon to be released.

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We strive to build fun, challenging and insightful products. We hope you have a blast with Bubble Imagineering's Quads MP

Looking into the experience that the one user is having with glitches, and levels not moving through as stated. We apologize for your poor experience, and are working to resolve this.

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