**** Apple featured as New and Noteworthy strategy game in the US ****
****Top 10 in strategy game apps category for 11 different countries including US, Canada, France, and China****

65 million years ago the asteroids appeared over our skies in a fiery mass of utter destruction. In the end, the asteroids caused First Impact and sent the helpless dinosaurs to an early grave. Times have changed and mankind now rules this planet. Suddenly the asteroids have returned to darken our skies once more. They have come to finish what they started 65 million years ago. Unlike the dinosaurs, man will not go down without a fight. We will use explosive missiles, nuclear technology, and even experimental black holes to defend what is rightfully ours. So take up arms and protect our planet to avoid Second Impact!

- Action packed never-ending game play and unlimited levels
- Endless re-playability
- Use strategy and skill to avoid Second Impact
- Story driven game play
- Innovative missile upgrade system via the use of The Armory to build up and improve your arsenal
- An explosive arsenal of 8 unique missiles to defend Earth
- Several challenging enemies to destroy requiring strategy for variety of attacks
- Beautifully hand drawn graphics and animation
- Original music and sounds

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