Are you driver with a lot of potential? If so, than Spidy is the right racing game for you.
Become talented racer and show other drivers that you are first in your class!

Spidy is a top-down view arcade racing game. Try to race in 3 different race tracks and beat your opponents. Spidy offers you two game modes: race, where you try to be faster than your opponents and cross finish line first; second is training day, where you race against yourself by improving lap times - practice improves your skills. Enjoy!

Gameteam presents
Featuring Roman Ora? et al
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Music by Positively Dark:
Done with XNI framework:
Done within TINR course taught by
Matej Jan, Bojan Klemenc & Peter Peer
Computer Vision Lab
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana

Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.

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