"Simple yet Amazing, Hard Soccer is simply an extremely fun game" Damon

Challenge your self, Push your limits, Test your reflexes... Hard Soccer. is here!!!

The SUPER players have decided to test your skills!! You are the Goalkeeper, you are THE Goalkeeper, can you handle them?

With two amazing modes to choose from, Hard Soccer will never leave you bored.

The game progress is designed with an intelligent randomized system that will keep you playing until you drop.

***** MAIN FEATURES *****

1- Player mode : Challenge the top super players by blocking their FireBalls, Smoke Shoots, and Entangling Strikes and of course, the classic soccerball... and yes, many more!!

2- Ball Mode : Fast paced game play with curved shots and many more, a true challenge to your durability.

3- Play with the GOALKEEPER!! a different approach from all the other soccer games out there!!

4- Highly advanced randomization that will keep you from getting bored!

5- Infinite Game Progress!! How far can you go?!!

6- Amazing Music ! or you can simply turn on your own music and jam while you block the rain of Soccer Balls!!!

7- Yes.. its cheaper than a cup of coffee, and it gives you hours of fun.

Update 1.1 with Gamecenter Integration SENT! Awaiting approval

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