The Square ... try to close the square!
One of the oldest mathematical games on one of the most modern devices! Once you took a pen and a paper, you draw lines and columns and then you start playing, now it is much simpler, choose the format and go, but the real problem is being able to finish!
To win you need to complete as quickly as possible, the cells of a square with the numbers in ascending order from 1 to total cells' number, and you can only move in two ways, 3 squares horizontally and vertically and 2 diagonally.

Example. Square from 7 cells per side: in total will be 7x7 = 49 cells, so you have to fill the square advancing from 1 to 49 being able to move only in specified locations.
You might think that is simple, Try it! Only those who will be able to complete the square will have the honor to enter the charts at Game Center!



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