The battle for earth just got hairy! Elite forces from the United States have time traveled to Medieval Europe to join the war of Knights vs Aliens (available now on iTunes)! But, unknown to them, there is another contender in this conflict: Bears. America's #1 Threat.

Your task -- should you click the fancy "Free" button-- is to gesture wildly with your finger to your elite, veteran, flag wielding, suit wearing, American heroes. By your will, they will react instantly, and through strategy, cunning, and then even more strategy, you will Save the World.

- CONTROL your troops with potentially OBSCENE finger gestures

- DEFEND MEDIEVAL EUROPE as the ANGRIEST time traveling nation

- KICK BEAR BOOTY on up to TEN maps and THREE difficulty modes

- MIND CONTROL one POSSIBLY FRENCH bear nation and then CONQUER earth yourself

- REACT FEARLESSLY as foes attack UNSEEN in the NIGHT

- LEVEL UP YOUR MIND with EXTREME historical accuracy



CAUTION: This intense historical experience may cause your FINGER to BREAK OFF and/or MELT. You may want to consult your NEXT OF KIN before use.

KvB was designed to work with items found in your home. We don't actually know where you live, but I assure you your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch will work with it.

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