AAARRGH!! The Crazy Dudes are running amuck and with only one doctor on duty today it’s your responsibility to help him insure that none of them fall down and hurt themselves. Help the crazy dudes get across the yard without hurting themselves by directing the doctor which hole in the ground he should cover, but he can only be in one place at a time so you have to be quick and time your moves precisely. At the end of the day, all your hard work does not go unrecognized though, unlock shortcuts and achievements as you progress and earn the right to display them on the title screen for all your friend to see and marvel at. Due to our confidence in your skills, a few of the achievement even release new crazy dudes into the mix for you watch over.

FAQ for the Awesome game CRAZY DUDES:

Q: Why does the background music feature such prominent oldSchool beats?
A: It is scientifically proven that appropriate music can help the body create a rhythm and prepare the mind to achieve excellence in any given physical activity. Playing CRAZY DUDES is not a physical activity but we kinda hoped it would still apply.

Q: Why is it that, in the game, once a crazy dude has moved directly over the doctor, the doctor can move to a new position without the crazy dude falling into the hole?
A: The iPhone is an amazing device that includes an accelerometer which detects the direction and effect the forces of gravity have on the device in real time. However, CRAZY DUDES is just a game, so we chose to just ignore all that information when we were making it.

Q: Can I play CRAZY DUDES on my 1st generation ipod and/or iPhone?
A: YES, Permission granted.

Q: Is it true that CRAZY DUDES has been nominated for a number of awards?
A: We are extremely happy if people love our apps, but we don’t do what we do for awards, recognition, fame, or fortune... we do it to help us pick up women.


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