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Combine Scrolls are NOT sold in Item Merchant?

I just read that you can buy some combine scrolls in each town Item Merchant but for some reason none of the Item Merchant sell any combine scrolls, i found it odd that the merchant sold combine scrolls but had none to sell, and that happens in all the towns, i have a bug or something? do i need to complete something else for them to sell me the combine scrolls?

Trejon16 provided additional details:

Now i am in hard mode and still the item merchant does NOT sell any combination scroll, maybe is it because i got the free Z3 from apple store?


RZV111 answered:

You probably already have all the scrolls that merchant sells, and the game won't let you have 2 of the same scroll. The same thing has happened in my paid version, so that's not the reason
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M_ZeroIncarnate answered:

Actually the game will let you have two of a scroll if it applies to a quest and you already have it. I have the same problem, I cannot buy combine scrolls.
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M_ZeroIncarnate answered:

I really need help finding coin arcana. Help!
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