Question from alieeckz

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve 7 Little Words?

I'm not sure how to finish the end of one of the levels, forgot which one, but it contains the words, : Elvis Flick, White long-legged bird, Bizet opera, top of the mountain, obvious, foreigner, fries quickly. I am currently stuck between, Elvis flick and fries quickly. Please help!

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Answer to elvis flick is clambake and fries quickly is sautes

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Long legged bird is STORK, Bizet opera is CARMEN, top of the mountain is SUMMIT, foreigner is ALIEN, Elvis flick is CLAMBAKE

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Obvious is BLATANT

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fries quickly is SAUTES......... hope that this helps you

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What is the a Polynesian nation and fawltytowers bellhop????

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