? Languages:English? Description:???????????????,??????????????????,??????????????????????????,???????????,???????????,??????????????,??????????????,??????????????????,????????,?????????,????????,????????????,??????????????,?????????????????,??????????!Breaks wind is not sickness, puts wants the human life.The Miss is contracts” the morning intestinal tract creeping motion to be excessively quickly” illness office worker.Every morning, waits for this time which the public vehicle prepares to go to work, is he most painful time, because of the intestinal tract creeping motion excessively quickly reason, will let him break wind repeatedly, but will break wind the sound which will send out, will always let him cause other people's looking askance, but this fart completely will not be able to hold.Has to take advantage on the road just to have the vehicles pass through, secretly breaks wind, for the sound which is marches forward with the vehicles when sends out, has covered own fart sound.? Features:???????,????????????????????,?????????????-Interesting content easily, so you embarrassed by the desire to satisfy the game.-The game is easy to get started, just shake the phone can play the game.? How to play:???????????,??????????,?iphone????????,????????iPhone??,?????????????????:??????,??????????????,?????????????????(?????????????,????????????…)???????:?????,?????????????,????????????????????:??????????????,???????????????.????:?????????,???.?????????????,???.In the fart meter's blank space changes full gradually, indicated accumulates the fart are getting more and more, on toward left or on right inclines iphone, Player namely along with the iphone incline, will raise the buttocks breaks wind secretly.-The angle incline is small when:May emit the silent fart, can only consume the fart which in the extremely few fart meter accumulates, mainly uses in the cushion fart meter accumulating the fart the speed to use.-The angle incline is big when:May emit entertains with food and drink the fart, may consume the fart which in the many fart meters accumulates, mainly uses in the vehicles process making time the sound uses.-Goes through a strategic pass the condition:The success completes the movement which steals breaks wind then to score points, the score meets the checkpoint requirements the score then to go through a strategic pass.-Defeat condition:The fart meter accumulates to Man Geshi, namely defeat.Steals sends the fart to discover when arrives at the upper limit number of times, namely defeat.

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