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       _                           _
      / `._        \+O+/        _.' \
     ( @ : `.      //`\\      .' : @ )
      \  `.  `.   ((o o))   .'  .'  /
       \;' `.  `.((( - ))).'  .' `;/
        \`.  `.  ((()=()))  .'  .'/
         ) :-._`/`(("Y"))`\'_.-: (
         (`..../ /(_ * _)\ \....')
          >---/ /  )   (  \ \---<
         / .'.\ \_/\\_//\_/ /.'. \
         |o _.-\/_) '*' (_\/-._ o|
         |`'   ;/         \;   `'|
         ".o_.-/           \-._o."
           "._/             \_."
             /               \
            /                 \
           /                   \
          /                     \
         /                       \

   # #   #    #   ##   #    # ###### #    # # #    #  ####  
  #   #  #    #  #  #  #   #  #      ##   # # ##   # #    #  
 #     # #    # #    # ####   #####  # #  # # # #  # #          
 ####### # ## # ###### #  #   #      #  # # # #  # # #  ###  
 #     # ##  ## #    # #   #  #      #   ## # #   ## #    # 
 #     # #    # #    # #    # ###### #    # # #    #  ####

Awakening: Moonfell Wood
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Tutorial
  003b. Night at Moonfell Wood
  003c. The Fairy Queen 
  003d. The Moonbridge
  003e. To the Top of the Witch's Tower
  003f. The Goblin King's Crown
  003g. The Witch of the Woods
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Awakening: 
Moonfell Wood. This is the sequel to Awakening: The 
Dreamless Castle. This guide is for the iPhone version, 
but it should also apply to the other versions of the 
game (PC, Mac, iPad). To contact me, use my email 

Thanks to jgs/mk for the fairy princess artwork, seen at 
the top of the guide.

002-Video Walkthrough

Would you like to see someone play the game, not just read 
about how to play the game? You're in luck! I've done a 
video walkthrough for this game, which can be seen here:

The video comes complete with my commentary.


The first thing you do is pick between normal and casual 
mode. In casual mode, the hint and skip puzzle meters 
refill faster. Also, there are more goals that appear on 
the goals screen.


In the previous game, Princess Sophia woke up in a 
dreamless castle, where she had been put under an enchanted 
sleep for a hundred years. The enchantment was designed to 
protect her, and it ensured that no one besides her could 
get in or out of the castle.

The goblins inside the castle found themselves trapped by 
the spell. They started referring to Sophia as "The Light 
in the Dark".

Once Sophia woke up, she was able to break the enchantment, 
even though she has no magical powers of her own. The doors 
to the castle were finally opened, and the goblins were 
very happy indeed.

But when Sophia began exploring outside the castle, she 
soon found that all of the humans were gone. Did something 
happen over the last one hundred years, to get rid of them?

Sophia has decided to visit the Fairy Queen, and see if she 
knows what happened to the humans. Sophia's fairy guardian, 
Mira, says that the Fairy Queen lives in Moonfell Wood, so 
the two of them are going there now.


Tap on the flower by the rock here. Mira, the fairy, is 
asleep. Tap on the bell by the bottom of the flower to wake 
her up. Mira apologizes for falling asleep, and she says 
that they're very close to Moonfell Wood. They just need to 
cross the lake.

Pick up the stick which is lying on the rock here, then go 
forward to the lakeshore. Tap on the rock on the left, 
which has part of an oar on it. Put the stick to the left 
of the oar, in order to create a makeshift oar. You just 
need some rope to connect the two pieces.

Examine the flower area in the lower/right. This is a 
hidden objects screen. Find all of the objects on the list 
by tapping on them. For example, if "squirrel" is on the 
list, find the squirrel in the scene, then tap on it. You 
can zoom in and out of the screen by pinching your fingers 
together when touching the screen, then opening or closing 

The list of items you have to find changes each time, but 
there are two things which are always on the list. One is 
the rope, on a branch in the upper/right. The other is a 
silk pouch, which is inside a lantern. Tap on the lantern 
to open it, so you can get the pouch.

Don't forget, you can always use the Hint Fairy to point 
out the location of an object.

Once you find everything, Sophia takes the rope. Go to the 
oar on the rock in the lower/left, and use the rope on it. 
Sophia ties the stick to the oar paddle, and now she has a 
working oar. Pick it up.

There are four tiles here, near the oar. One is on a bush 
and three are on the ground. Tap all of them to pick them 
up. Now, tap on the boat. There are four more tiles here. 
Tap on all of them, then use the tiles on the box in the 

You have a puzzle. Put the eight tiles where they're 
supposed to go. A tile will snap into place if you have it 
correct. The picture is of a purple heart (in the middle), 
with two horses. The gray horse is on the right, and the 
red horse is on the left. See the small design on the gold 
part of the box, right below the tiles? The picture looks 
vaguely similar to that.

The box opens. Sophia's fairy is worried by the witch's 
card. Pick up the card and look at it. You need to find all 
the birds on the card. You can zoom in and out of the card. 
Tap on all the birds, and the card is added to Sophia's 

There is a signet ring, along with the card. It belongs to 
Sophia. Grab that, then use the oar on the boat to get 
across the lake.

003b-Night at Moonfell Wood

We're at Moonfell Woods! It's currently nighttime, and the 
Fairy Queen sleeps at night. We won't get to see her until 
it becomes daytime again.

This area might be a little difficult to navigate at first. 
Here's a general map of the area. You start at the woods, 
on the bottom.

Cliffside   Lake--Overlook
  Pool                |
   |     Waterfall    |
   |       Cave       |
 Woods 2    |      Woods 3
   |        |         |
   |        |         |
         Woods 1


In Woods 1, there is an ax which is missing a handle, and a 
small candle that is currently out. You'll have to come 
back later to interact with these items.

There are twelve purple mushrooms on this screen. Tap on 
all of them to pick them up. Many of them are by the log. 
One is inside the log, too far for you to reach. Pick up 
the branch on the ground, near the tree, then use that on 
the mushroom to get it.

Go forward to Teardrop Falls. This is where the Fairy Queen 
stays, during the daytime. The path to the right is closed 
by an iron gate, so take the left pathway, up to Woods 2.

There is a creature inside a tree stump here. Use the stick 
to poke it. The creature comes out. It's a pocket dragon! 
It seems very upset at the moment, probably because you 
just poked it with a stick.

Go forward to the Cliffside Pool. There is not much to do 
here right now, besides examine the lantern. On the ground 
near the lantern are some shattered figurines. Put them 
back together again. The pieces snap into place when you 
put them in the proper location. The large and small pieces 
are all black, while the middle-sized piece is gray.

Examine the lantern itself. It has a shelf full of 
figurines. Use the figurines on the shelf to start a 
puzzle. The clue says that you need to arrange them from 
light to dark and from small to tall.

The four white pieces are on the left, while the four black 
pieces are on the right. The four gray pieces go in the 
middle. Arrange each group of four pieces in order from 
smallest to tallest, with smallest on the left.

Once the puzzle is solved, you get a piece of paper about 
Pocket Dragons. Cross off all the pictures which have 
wings, tails, shells, scales, or happen to be the color red 
or green. In the end, there are only two items which don't 
get crossed off: white mossflowers and purple mushrooms.

As a reward for solving the puzzle, you also get a bottle 
of moon dew.

Go back down to Woods 2. Use the purple mushrooms from 
Woods 1 on the pocket dragon. Then, examine the flowers on 
the right. Those are mossflowers, which haven't been fully 
grown. Use the moon dew on them.

A puzzle starts. You need to move the flowers around, so 
none of the lines overlap. If two lines overlap, they turn 
red, so you know they're overlapping. You need to solve 
this puzzle five times to get mossflowers.

Use the mossflowers on the pocket dragon. Once you've used 
the purple mushrooms and the flowers on it, the dragon can 
be picked up and carried with you as an item.

Go down to Teardrop Falls. Look at the iron gate which 
leads right. Use the pocket dragon on the lock a few times, 
and it opens. You can now go right, to Woods 3. There are 
two trees here that you can interact with in the daytime, 
but it's still night.

There are eight acorns in Woods 3. Pick all of them up, 
then go 
Here, you can find seven acorns. Pick all of them up, then 
go forward to the overlook.

Welcome to the Overlook! There's a nest in the tree here, 
but we can't reach it yet. You can go left from here to see 
Evercalm Lake, but there's nothing to do there besides look 
at the lake.

Here at the overlook, we have a centaur statue, holding 
some flowers. Examine the anvil at the base of the statue. 
You have a puzzle to create a mold. Tap the tiles, and form 
a picture of a long-stemmed rose. The inscription says to 
make the rose out of tin, so we'll have to return later 
when we get tin.

Also at the overlook, there is an axe handle on the ground, 
near the rocks on the right. Pick it up. Now, go down three 
times to return to Woods 1, where there was an axe. Use the 
handle on the axe, and then take the axe.

See the tree on the left here? It has a candle in front of 
it. Use the pocket dragon on the candle to light it. An 
angry squirrel appears. Use the eight acorns from Woods 3 
to make the squirrel leave.

The squirrel's home is a hidden objects screen. Find all 
the items here to get a claw hammer.

All right! Time to go to Cliffside Pool. Just go forward, 
then take the left fork and go forward again. Use the axe 
on the tree here to stop the waterfall, and use the hammer 
on the boards to pick them up.

Return to the Overlook (the place with the centaur statue) 
by going down twice, right, and up. Use the boards on the 
tree, so they form steps leading to the bird's nest. Use 
the hammer on the boards to secure them, then examine the 
nest. Inside is a gemstone and some tin.

The centaur statue needed tin. Examine the base of the 
statue and put the tin inside. Use the pocket dragon on the 
tin several times, in order to melt it. As a result, you 
get a metallic rose. Take the rose and put it inside the 
bouquet that the centaur is holding.

The centaur suddenly comes to life and thanks Sophia for 
saving him. He says that humans haven't been seen in this 
area for a hundred years. He gives you a sunstone, then 

Return to Teardrop Falls, by going down twice. Do you see 
the gems on the path, going right? The gems are in the 
water. Zoom in on that screen, and use the purple gem on 
the hole in the rock.

A puzzle starts. First, find all the matching diamonds. 
Then, find all the matching rectangular-shaped gems. Then, 
find all the circular gems. Then, find the heart-shaped 
gems. Only two blue gems remain, and they form a moonstone 
when put together.

When the gem puzzle is over, you get a moonstone. If you 
examine the pedestal here at Teardrop Falls, you'll notice 
that it has room for a moonstone and a sunstone. Use those 
items on the pedestal, with the moon on the left and the 
sun on the right.

A puzzle starts. Rotate the different rings of the picture, 
until it forms one full picture. The outer ring is in place 
already. Just keep moving the rings until all the lines 
connect, and you end up with a design made up of circles 
and curved lines. Press the button in the middle.

Steps appear. Now you can go ahead to the waterfall cave.

There is an alcove on the left with a silver basin. Take 
it. Underneath is the sun card. Find all twelve butterflies 
on the card in order to pick it up.

Under the card is some writing, which says to reflect the 
moonlight with water. Use the silver basin on the small 
waterfall in the left part of the cave. Then, put the basin 
back where you found it: inside the alcove.

A puzzle starts. You need to press the buttons and 
duplicate the design you saw outside. A picture of it is 
kept in your journal, for reference.

There are four buttons on the left and four on the right. 
With the ones on the left, tap the one on the top once, and 
the one on the bottom twice. With the ones on the right, 
tap the top one once, the second-from-top one twice, and 
the second-from-bottom one once.

You get a sun medallion for solving the puzzle.

Now, pick up the three candles here in the waterfall cave 
and examine the back wall. The picture of the Fairy Queen 
is in pieces. Put it back together again.

Put the sun medallion into the fresco. Once again, put the 
pieces into place in order to complete the picture. This 
opens the door to the Gate of Sun and Moon.

Go to the gate. Pick up the three candles here, then use 
all six candles on the gate.

You have a puzzle now. Light the candles in the proper 
order. You'll notice that there is an arrow pointing 
towards each candle. First, you follow the arrows in the 
outer ring, then the arrows in the middle ring, and then 
the arrows in the inner ring. There are two arrows in each 
ring; light the candle connected to the bigger arrow first.

If those instructions don't work for you, light the candles 
in this order: upper/right, lower/left, middle/left, 
middle/right, lower/right, upper/left.

Another puzzle starts. It's a painting puzzle. Simply use 
the candles on the marked areas. For example, the purple 
candle is marked with a square. Use that on the square 
tile, which is the center tile.

Once all the tiles are properly colored, you have a picture 
of a sun. The portal comes to life. Go through it, and 
suddenly, it switches to daytime.

003c-The Fairy Queen 

Sophia is now at the Overlook, and it's a bright, sunny 
day. Now that it's daytime, she can meet with the Fairy 
Queen at Teardrop Falls. Go down twice, then tap on the 
fairy queen.

The fairies are skeptical about Princess Sophia, so they 
created a challenge for her. There are 21 fairy beads 
scattered throughout the woods, and she has to find all of 
them. Some of the beads are located inside a brand-new 
area, which you can reach from the Overlook. 

                    Woods 4
Cliffside   Lake--Overlook
  Pool                |
   |     Waterfall    |
   |       Cave       |
 Woods 2    |      Woods 3
   |        |         |
   |        |         |
        Woods 1

Right now, we're going to explore the woods, solve all the 
puzzles we can, and we're going to try to find all the 
fairy beads we can.

Go south from the Fairy Queen. There's a goblin here. Talk 
to him, and he challenges you to a game a Tripeaks. That's 
a game where you try to clear the board by tapping on cards 
to get rid of them. The trick is that you can only tap on a 
card if it is one higher or one lower than any of the five 
cards on the bottom. Try it out, and you'll get the hang of 

If you ever get stuck, new cards get dealt to you. You can 
only get stuck twice; if you get stuck three times, you 
lose the game.

Win Tripeaks to get a cherry berry basket from the goblin, 
as well as permission to take his things. Take the wooden 
fishing pole against the tree on the left, and then examine 
the goblin's bag of things. It's a hidden objects screen, 
which gets you an oil tap.

The items you got here will be useful in the new area you 
haven't been to yet, so go there now. Simply go north and 
right. Pick up the three fairy beads here, one of which is 
in the stump.

Go north and pick up the fairy beads here at the Overlook 
(by the lake). One is in the bird's nest. And if you 
examine the sunflowers here, you'll find a magic card for 
the Fairy Queen. Find all twelve hearts on the card to pick 
it up.

From here, go up/right to reach Woods 4. Pick up the three 
fairy beads here. Now, use the fishing pole from the goblin 
in Woods 1 on the lamp here. The lamp breaks, and you have 
a puzzle to put the pieces back together. They form the 
shape of a key.

Once the lamp is fixed, tap on the key to get it. Sophia 
notes that the lamp is empty, and she wants to fill it with 
oil so she can go to this area at night.

There are two more things to examine here in Woods 4. 
First, there is a brick alcove, which is missing a brick. 
Below it, you have a wooden storage box. The key opens the 
lid on the left side of the box.

Inside, you find some fishing line, which is put on the 
fishing pole. You also find a decorative brick. Use the 
brick on the empty spot in the brick alcove to start a 
puzzle. All you have to do is swap the bricks so the 
outlines match. When a brick goes into the proper spot, it 
gets locked into place.

Solving the puzzle opens the alcove. This gives you three 
jars. One is for spiders, one is for honey, and one is for 
oil. You also get a lure, which is added to the fishing 

Now that the fishing rod is complete, you can go fishing at 
the Cliffside Pool. Go down three times, to the Fairy 
Queen. Then, go left. There are four fairy beads here. 
Three are on rocks and one is inside the stump.

Go forward to the Cliffside pool. One fair bead is inside 
the stone lantern. One is near the frog on the lily pad; 
simply tap on the lily pad, then tap on the frog to find 
it. The final fairy bead is at the tree stump in the 

Use the fishing rod on the water here to catch a fish. Use 
the cherry berry basket on the cherry berry bush (across 
the water) to start a minigame. In this game, you want to 
find the matching berries. Find seven matches in total to 
fill the basket.

The goblin in Woods 1 wanted you to talk to him if you got 
cherry berries, so go down three times. Use the basket on 
him to get some pieces of paper. The blank piece of paper 
goes in your inventory. The other piece of paper is a 
puzzle, where you have to put all of the pieces together to 
form a picture. This is difficult, because it's not obvious 
what it's a picture of.

It's actually a picture of Woods 3, with a close-up on the 
upper/right tree, placed in the upper/left. It's actually a 
guide on how to get oil from everlasting oil trees.

Go north and right to reach Woods 3. Yes, it looks like the 
everlasting oil tree is here. Tap on the tree on the right 
side of the path, the one with a hole in it. Put the oil 
tap inside, then use the oil flask on the tap. You've got 

Go north twice, to Woods 4. Zoom in on the lantern on the 
ground, then use the oil flask on it. Now, the lantern will 
never be extinguished. Use the pocket dragon on the lantern 
to light it, then tap on the lit lantern to get it in your 

Use the lantern on the hook to hang it up. A copper key 
falls out. Use the copper key on the wooden storage box, 
under the brick alcove. Specifically, use it on the right 
part of the box, the one which is locked. You get some 
marbles and four runes, which you have to tap on 
individually to get them added to your inventory.

Go north, to the Pavilion. Tap on the fountain for a hidden 
objects screen. This one has sixteen marbles for you to 
find. When you're finished, they get added to the marbles 
you already have.

A cat is here. Its name is Mr. Muffins, and it belongs to 
the witch. Use the fish (which you got from fishing at the 
Cliffside pool) on the cat, so you can open the envelope 
hanging around his neck. Inside the envelope is a magic 
card. Find the twelve stars to pick it up.

The Pavilion is the building in the upper/right. Use the 
marbles on the gate to start a puzzle. You want to match 
the colors here. For example, the upper/middle outline is 
red, so you put the red marble there.

With the marbles that aren't outlined, you want to match 
the connections. For example, the place in the lower/left 
is connected to the purple marble and the gray marble. 
Therefore, you put the purple-and-gray marble in that spot. 
Once a marble is put in the right spot, it snaps into 

Solving the puzzle lets you go inside the Pavilion. Go 
there. Take the incense censer from the angel statue. 
Examine the stone table in the center. It has four slots 
for four magic cards.

You have a minor puzzle, figuring out which cards go where. 
From left to right, they are the forest (from the boat at 
the end of the tutorial), the sun (from the waterfall cave 
in the last chapter), the fairy queen (from the sunflowers 
at the overlook in this chapter) and the moon (from the 
witch's cat).

When you put a card in place, you get a fairy bead. You 
should get four fairy beads in all.

Before leaving the Pavilion, examine the stone plaque on 
the left. It's another puzzle, where you put all the pieces 
in the right areas. The clue says "from flower to hive, 
making honey helps the bees thrive". The picture on the 
left is a bee going to a purple flower against a blue sky. 
The picture in the middle is a bee on a pink flower, 
against a red/orange sky. The picture on the right is over 
a bee, going to the hive against a purple sky.

Solving the puzzle gives you some incense and a beeswax 

Now, return to the Fairy Queen. You should have twenty-one 
fairy beads now.

Location of Fairy Beads:

Four in Woods 2
Three in Cliffside Pool
Three in Woods 3
Four in Overlook
Three at Woods 4
Four at Pavilion

Use the beads on the Fairy Queen. She says that the humans 
left, one hundred years ago. They passed through the woods, 
and nobody knows where they went, except for the Witch.

The Fairy Queen writes a formal letter of introduction for 
you, so you can send it to the Witch. How polite of her. Go 
north/east to Woods 3. This is the area with a beehive, and 
we got some beehive items from the pavilion.

First, use the censer on the beehive, to hang it below the 
beehive. Put the incense in the censer. Use the pocket 
dragon on the censer, and the incense scares the bees away. 
Use the honey pot on the beehive to get some honey, and 
finally, use the beeswax scraper on the beehive to get some 

Go north three times, to the area near the Pavilion. Zoom 
in on Mr. Muffins the Cat. Put the formal letter of 
introduction inside the envelope on his neck. Use beeswax 
on the envelope to seal it. Use the pocket dragon on the 
beeswax to soften it, and use Sophia's signet ring on the 

The cat leaves, revealing some symbols on the stone below 
it. Put the blank paper on the stone, and use the semi-
burnt stick to get a rubbing of the runes, as well as a 
fifth rune.

Return to Teardrop Falls, where the Fairy Queen lives. 
There is a stone alcove on the right part of the screen, 
near the entrance to the falls. Use the runes here, and 
they fit into the five missing places. Now, press the five 
correct runes (the one indicated by the rubbing). A picture 
of the proper runes is in your notes.

Solving the puzzle gives you a key and a tile. The key is 
for the waterfall cave, believe it or not. Use the key on 
the gate to open it, then go inside.

There are three puzzles on the wall here in the cave. The 
one on the left is a picture of Baby Sophia, with her 
parents. It is similar to a picture from the first 
Awakening game. The Fairy Queen is above and behind them. 
Put all the pieces in the right spot to get a wooden disc.

The puzzle in the middle is missing a tile. Use the tile in 
your inventory on it, then put the pieces in place. It is a 
picture of Sophia riding a horse, which is similar to a 
statue from the first Awakening game. When you finish the 
puzzle, you get a wooden disc.

The puzzle on the right is blocked by spider. Tap on all 
thirty of them to put them in the spider jar. Use the 
pocket dragon to clear away the cobwebs, and you get a 
third picture. This one is of dangerous forest animals, 
wanting to attack the sleeping Sophia. Solving it gives you 
the third disc.

On the back wall of the cave is a puzzle. Use your three 
discs on here. The puzzle says that you have to put the 
pieces together, in chronological order (that is, from 
first to last). The pieces do NOT snap into place when you 
put them in the right spot.

Once you put the pieces in the right spots, another puzzle 
starts. You have to match the colors. From left to right, 
the colors are red, green, yellow, blue, white and black. 
That's the order they appear in the disc puzzle.

Solving the second puzzle opens the door to the Gate of Sun 
and Moon. Tap on it for yet another puzzle. This time, you 
want to put the discs in order from two to ten. Ten is 
closest to the snake's tail, while two is closest to the 
snake's head. This time, the pieces snap into place.

Solve the puzzle to open the gate. Go through it to end the 
chapter and see a cutscene, which deals with Sophia saving 
the various forest guardians. One of them is the centaur, 
who was already saved by her. Will she have to save the 

003d-The Moonbridge

Sophia is taken to the Lake Overlook. It is nighttime now. 
Back away from the vista and talk to the goblin here. He 
makes you play a game of Tripeaks.

Once you win the game, the Goblin passes on a message from 
the Fairy Queen. She says the Witch is forward from here, 
past the Moonbridge. This means that you will never again 
have to go south from this area. That simplifies the map 
quite a bit for this section.

Moonbridge   Pavilion
    \          /
     \        /

You might have noticed that the Moonbridge isn't in place 
yet. Sophia will have to create, so she can go over the gap 
and reach the area with the Witch.

Additionally, the goblin gives you some rapid growth 
potion, before he leaves. I seem to recall a similar potion 
was used in the previous game. Go north to the woods.

Examine the storage box, under the brick alcove. This is a 
hidden objects puzzle, although this time you have pictures 
of the items you want to find. Find all six items, which 
are part of a pair of shears. Once you find them all, you 
are challenged to put five pieces together to form shears. 
Each piece snaps into place when you put it in the right 

Examine the brick alcove. This leads to a spiderweb puzzle. 
Each strand of the web is connected to two shapes. Tap on 
the strand to swap the two shapes. You goal is to put all 
the shapes in the right position. For example, all the 
squares go together on the same line, all the circles go 
together on the same line, etc. The shapes go from largest 
to smallest; the closer the shape is to the center of the 
web, the smaller it should be.

After that, you have another brick puzzle. Swap bricks 
until all the designs connect. When a brick is in the right 
position, it snaps into place. Once the puzzle is over, you 
can pick up a grappling hook head and a black orb.

Well, a grappling hook head is of no use, without a rope. 
Use the shears on the rope which is hanging on the tree to 
the left. Princess Sophia then connects the rope to the 
grappling hook head to make a grappling hook.

Go north, to the Pavilion Area. Use the pruning shears on 
the thorny vines in the lower/right. This gives you a 
pickaxe handle.

On the top part of the tree trunk of the tree on the left, 
you'll notice flowers. Tap on it for a challenge, in which 
you have to find the flower that doesn't match the others. 
Do this seven times to get a bouquet of moonflowers.

Go up/right to the Pavilion. As you probably guessed, you 
have some puzzles here to solve.

First, on the wall on the left, we have a tangled rope 
board. It's wooden, with vines on it. This is just like the 
mossflowers puzzle from earlier; move things around so no 
vines are overlapping. After three rounds, you get some 

Second, examine the stone slab in the lower/right. Use 
Sophia's ring on the indentation to start a puzzle where 
you have to put all the pieces together to form a picture 
which is similar to the one from the end of the tutorial: a 
royal crest with a griffin on the left and a Pegasus on the 
right, with a rose in the middle. Solving the puzzle gives 
you a scroll case with a treasure map inside.

Finally, examine the wooden chest on the right. Use the 
bouquet of flowers on the lid, and put the seven flowers 
into place. There is an outline, which shows where each 
flower goes. The flowers snap into place, when you put them 
in the right location.

Once you solve the puzzle, the chest opens. You now have a 
hidden objects screen, where you have to find twelve pieces 
of a magic card. After that, you have a puzzle where you 
put the pieces together to form a picture. Each piece is 
triangular, and there is a white border on the edges of the 

Once you're done with that, you have to find all twelve 
moons which are on the card. Zoom in on the stone table 
here, and use the magic card on the left spot to get a 
small gold key.

Go down twice to reach the woods. It's time to find the 
treasure that the treasure map indicated. This takes 
several steps. First, use the pickaxe handle on the 
pickaxe. Take the pickaxe and use it on the rock with an X 
on it.

The treasure chest is revealed, but it is stuck in the 
ground. Zoom in on the treasure chest and use the grappling 
hook on it. Back up, then use the rope on the sapling. This 
rope is tied to the grappling hook connect to the treasure 

Use the rapid growth potion on the sapling. It grows into a 
tree, and as it grows, it pulls up the treasure chest. 
Examine the treasure chest to find that it is locked with a 
puzzle. You want to make the design on the treasure chest 
match Sophia's family crest (illustrated in the journal) 
that was on the stone slab in the Pavilion.

Once you solve the puzzle, the treasure chest opens. This 
leads to a hidden objects screen, where you have to find 
many pieces of a statue.

Go north and left, to the Moonbridge. Both statues here are 
broken. Use the statue pieces you have on the statue on the 
right. You then have a puzzle, where you need to put the 
statue back together again.

Back away, then examine the statue on the left. You have 
another puzzle, where you have to put the statue pieces 
back together again.

Both statues are repaired now. Each statue is supposed to 
be holding an orb. Use the white orb on the right statue to 
get a moon medallion, and use the black orb on the left 
statue to get a silver key.

Go down and right, to the Pavilion. On the left, there is a 
mural. Use the moon medallion on the moon at the top of the 
mural. This leads to another puzzle, where you have to 
arrange the tiles to form a picture. This time, it's a 
picture of the two statues you just fixed. 

Solving this puzzle gets you some runes.

Return to the Moonbridge. There are runes below each 
statue. You want to press them in the order they appeared 
in the Pavilion. A copy of the correct order is contained 
in your journal.

Solving the runes on the left statue opens a keyhole. Use 
the silver key (which you get from putting the orb on the 
left statue) on the keyhole. Now, go to the runes below the 
right statue and press them in the proper order. This also 
opens a keyhole. Use the brass key (which you get from 
putting the witch's magic card in the stone tablet in the 
Pavilion) on the keyhole.

The moonbridge then appears. Go forward to walk across the 
moonbridge. A cutscene then plays. 

003e-To the Top of the Witch's Tower

Just like at the start of the last section, you will never 
again have to go south from here. This simplifies the game 
map a bit. 

Witch's Tower
Herb Garden
Root Gate     Bear King
   \            /
    \          /
     Woods 5
     Moonbridge   Pavilion
         \          /
          \        /

Pick up three pinecones here in the woods, then talk to the 
goblin. He challenges you to a game of Tripeaks. When you 
win the game, you get a butterfly net.

Go forward to the crossroads. You have two pinecones here 
to pick up. Pick them up, then examine the lamp. Open it 
and use the pocket dragon to light it. Moths then appear. 
Get rid of all the moths by matching pairs, and you get a 
butterfly net full of moths.

Now, examine the alcove. Use the pocket dragon to light the 
candle here. This gives you a match 3 puzzle. Swap the 
tiles here, in order to match three tiles in a row. When 
you make a match, the tile walls disappear. Break all the 
tiles to get rid of the wall.

Behind the wall is an empty snail pot. Pick it up, then tap 
on all twelve snails here. Now it's a full snail pot! 
That's both useful and disgusting!

The way to the right is blocked, so go left to the Root 
Gate. The fairy recognizes this place as the gate to the 
witch's area. Pick up both pinecones here for a total of 
seven. Then, examine the guardian stone.

There are moth-shaped indentations on the stone. Use the 
butterfly net full of moths on the stone, and put each moth 
in the correct spot. You don't have to rotate the moths to 
do this, and they all snap into place when you get a right 
answer. Solving this puzzle opens the gate.

Go forward to the herb garden. Examine the gourd garden, in 
the lower/left. You have to find six matching pairs of 
gourds, in order to get a giant gourd. Pick it up to put it 
in your inventory.

Next, examine the jars in the lower/right bench area. It's 
a hidden objects screen, where you have to find pieces of a 

Now, examine the door to the witch's tower. You have to 
rotate the rings to form a complete picture. The outermost 
ring is already in place, with a yellow piece at the 
bottom. Once you finish, use the key fragments on the 
design. Put all the fragments into place, and the door 

Now we can go inside the witch's tower! The tower has three 
floors. You enter at the bottom floor. Examine the desk on 
the right for a hidden objects screen. Find all the items 
to get a book on botany.

In the lower/left, we have the shattered remains of a pot. 
Put all the pieces together to get the pot.

Finally, examine the well on the bottom floor. Pick up the 
garden trowel here. That's it for the first floor of the 
tower (for now). Go upstairs to the middle floor.

Examine the stand in the lower/right. It has a vicious 
plant on top of it, as well as a doorknob. Pick up the 

Examine the bookshelf on the left. Put the book from the 
lower floor on the shelf to start a puzzle. Put the books 
in the right order, so the lines on the book spines 
connect. When a book is in the right spot, it snaps into 

The proper order is red, blue, orange, purple, black, 
yellow, green and white. Princess Sophia makes a note of 
this in her journal, and eight magic beans appear on the 
shelf. Pick all of them up.

Go down south, to reach the herb garden. Examine the tool 
shed and use the doorknob from the second floor of the 
tower on the door. This starts a hidden objects screen, 
which gives you weedkiller spray.

Go back to the second floor of the witch's tower. Use the 
weedkiller spray on the plant in the lower/right. This 
kills the plant. Pick up the pot and the magic card 
underneath it. There are twelve gemstones on the card.

Go south twice, back to the herb garden. Examine the bench 
on the right, and use both of your pots on the bench. The 
purple one goes on the left, while the orange one goes on 
the right. Use the hand trowel on the dirt under the bench, 
then use it on the orange pot. Now the pot has some dirt in 
it. Put three scoops of dirt in the pot to fill it.

Use the eight magic beans on the eight pots here. You now 
have a puzzle, where you have to arrange the eight pots, so 
they match the order of the eight books on the shelf. 
There's a picture of this in the journal, and the order, 
from left to right, is red, blue, orange, purple, black, 
yellow, green and white. The pots do not snap into place 
when you get them correct.

Once the pots are in place, you need to put the flowers in 
order, according to the picture in the journal. That's 
pink, yellow, white, yellow, pink, yellow, violet and 
white. The two flowers on the outside are roses.

Solving the flower puzzle gives you five gemstones. They go 
in the second floor of the tower, but first, let's return 
to the Pavilion. Now that you have another magic card (from 
under the plant in the second floor of the tower), you can 
use it on the table where the cards go. Go south many 
times, then into the Pavilion. Use the card in the spot on 
the right to get a sun and moon disc.

Now, return to the second floor of the witch's tower. On 
the second floor, there are four brown rectangles on the 
wall. Zoom in on the one on the right. It has an opening at 
the top for the blue gem you have. Put the gem in the right 

This starts a puzzle. You need to tap on tiles to change 
pictures. Each tile has about four different pictures it 
can show. Get all the tiles to form one picture, which is 
of the Witch, the Centaur, the Griffin and the Bear King, 
gathered around the stone table of the Pavilion.

Once the puzzle is solved, press the switch and pick up two 
colored dials.

You want to repeat this process for the other three 
pictures. Put a jewel in, form a picture, then press a 
switch and get two dials. The left picture needs the 
reddish gem, and it is a picture of a shadowy cloaked 
figure, hovering over the castle.

The second from the left picture takes a purplish gem, and 
it is of the witch on a castle tower, fighting off the 
shadow on the left. On the right, Princess Sophia's family 

The third from the left picture takes a yellow gem, and it 
is a picture of the humans sailing away on the lake, while 
the Centaur, Bear King and Griffin watch. 

Putting these four pictures together, we can figure out a 
story. The dark shadow came to claim the kingdom. Sophia's 
parents and the Witch fought bravely to protect her from 
the shadow. Eventually, it was decided that the humans 
would leave the kingdom by sailing across the lake, while 
the witch and the other forest guardians cast the sleeping 
spell over the castle that kept Sophia asleep for a hundred 

That's what I think happened, anyway. Either way, when you 
fix all four pictures, you press the four switch. They 
light up the exit on the left. Examine the gate on the 
exit. Use the sun and moon disc in the middle and tap it. 
The gate lifts up.

Go up the stairs. We're still not at the top of the tower 
yet. Pick up the crowbar on the floor here and examine the 
bucket on the left. Take the wire brush and the oil can out 
of the bucket.

There are three puzzles here. The cabinet on the left has a 
colored dials puzzle. Open the glass door by tapping on it, 
then use the dials on the cupboard. This starts a puzzle, 
where you have to rotate and switch the dials, so their 
sides all match. For example, the left part of the middle 
dial is a green square. The right part of the dial left of 
it, therefore, also needs to be a green square. The dial in 
the middle never has to be rotated or swapped.

Once the puzzle is solved, you have a puzzle where you need 
to swap the twelve items, based on the labels. The labels 
look like this:

[Animal, vegetable or mineral] [one or more] [jar or no 

For example, the jar of eyeballs goes in the middle shelf, 
right hand side, because that has a label of animal parts, 
more than one, and inside a jar. The items lock into place 
when you put them in the right area.

Solving this puzzle gets you the jar of eyeballs.

The second puzzle is the desk in the lower/right. Put the 
black gem on the lid, then tap on the lid. You have a 
puzzle where you have to rotate all the tiles to match. 
Then, you have a puzzle with twelve pieces of paper. Swap 
and rotate them to get them in the right spots. They snap 
into place when you have them correct. Solving this puzzle 
gets you some notes on alchemy.

The third puzzle you can solve on this floor is the small 
alcove on the wall, on the right. It's a weighing machine. 
You want to weigh the scales so they balance. Both pieces 
with an eye go on the left, along with the piece of a sun 
and a squiggle. 

Solving this puzzle makes the ladder from the ceiling come 
down. Go up the ladder to reach the ventilation shaft. On 
the area to the left, there is a bird's egg and some 
birdseed. Pick them up, then use the crowbar on the 
boarded-up exit. Now, go through the exit to reach the top 
of the witch's tower.

003f-The Goblin King's Crown 

We're at the top of the tower, but the witch isn't here. 
Instead, there is a goblin. He says he will help you find 
the witch, if you retrieve the Goblin King's crown. He 
gives Sophia a Twilight Gem to help her with this quest.

There is a flag in the lower/right. Look at it to lean over 
the edge of the tower. Use the giant gourd (from the herb 
garden) on the ground far below. Princess Sophia drops the 
gourd onto a rock.

Go down twice, to the upper floor of the tower. Zoom in on 
the alchemy chest on the right, the one which is missing a 
gem. Use the twilight gem from the goblin on the hole. You 
get a puzzle where you have to sort the jewels, in the 
order indicated by the color of the writing. From left to 
right, they are yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, light 
blue and dark blue.

Once that is done, the chest opens. Get the weights on the 
right, then tap on the broken flask jar on the left to 
start a jigsaw puzzle. Put the pieces back into place to 
get an alchemy flask. 

Go down three times to reach the herb garden. On the ground 
here, you'll find the broken gourd. It's near the 
birdhouse, and a bronze key is inside.

Zoom in on the birdhouse. Use the birdseed (from the 
ventilation shaft) on the bird to get it to fly away. Tap 
on the front door of the birdhouse to open it, and tap on 
the three eggs inside to pick them up. Adding these three 
eggs to the one in the ventilation shaft gives you four 
eggs in total.

Go back inside the witch's tower. The bronze key from the 
gourd opens the desk on the right here, under the candle. 
Inside is a key puzzle. Tap on all the keys which form 
matching pairs. Then, tap on the final key to pick it up. 
It's an iron key.

Zoom in on the well here, which has an iron cage. This is a 
puzzle which requires the iron key you just got, as well as 
several items from the upper level of the tower. Put the 
steel weights in the cage, then use the crowbar to push the 
weights into the well. The cage with the weights goes down 
the well, while the other cage in the well goes up.

Use the oil can on this cage, then use the wire brush to 
clean it up further. Use the iron key to open it and get a 
block of lead.

Go up to the second floor of the tower. Time to perform 
some alchemy. Zoom in on the alchemy lab on the right. As 
you can see, there are four empty jars on top. One is for 
snails, one for spiders, one for eyes, and one for eggs.

By now, you should have all these things. Put the eggs in 
the egg jar, the eyeballs in the eyeball jar, the spiders 
in the spider jar, and the snails in the snail jar. Then, 
put the alchemy flask in the middle of the screen, on top 
of the metal grate. All four jars will connect to it.

There is a page of the journal which details the 
philosopher's balm, a recipe you learned from solving a 
puzzle in the upper floor. The notes say snails are red, 
spiders are blue, eyes are orange and eggs are yellow. 
Pinecones start the fire.

Put the pinecones below the flask, then use the pocket 
dragons to set them on fire. Now, you have a puzzle. Simply 
turn the dials to the right colors. From top to bottom, 
they are red, blue, orange and yellow.

When you solve the puzzle, you get a flask full of the 
philosopher's balm. Also, a panel opens up, giving you a 
crystal gem.

You might recognize the crystal gem from earlier, back at 
the crossroads. Go south four times to get there. See how 
the path to the right is blocked by crystals? Use the 
crystal gem on the crystal barrier to destroy it.

Go right to the Bear King's clearing. The statue of the 
Bear King has been split up into six pieces. Tap on them 
all, then use the pieces on the pedestal. You get another 
puzzle, where you have to put all the pieces together to 
rebuild the statue. As you should know by now, it's a 
statue of the Bear King.

You are going to free the Bear King, just like you freed 
the Centaur, earlier. Zoom in on the pedestal in front of 
the statue. Tap the six panels until they form a complete 
picture of a fish. Put the block of lead in the hollow spot 
above the picture, and use the pocket dragon on the lead 
several times to melt it.

Now, you have a lead fish. Use the philosopher's balm on 
the fish to turn it into gold. Pick up the gold fish, then 
use it on the statue of the Bear King. The statue comes to 

The Bear King is hungry. Use your jar of honey on him. He 
is happy, and in return, he gives you a golden crown.

The goblin at the top of the witch's tower wants this 
crown. Go back, then left, then forward many times to reach 
the top of the witch's tower. Use the crown on the goblin. 
He says he will help you now, but first, he wants some tea.

The goblin gives you flowers, a key, and a note. Use the 
key on the firewood box here, and remove the firewood.

Go down twice, to the upper floor of the tower. The 
cupboard in the middle/left is the only puzzle here you 
haven't solved yet. The note the goblin just gave you is 
the key to this puzzle. You want to highlight the proper 
three symbols, which are the ones drawn on the note.

This gives you a hidden objects screen, which has four 
types of many different items. Solve this screen to get 
tongs and gloves. 

Go down to the bottom floor of the tower. Use the flowers 
on the chest on the left. You have a puzzle, where you have 
to put the flower pieces together. The flowers, from left 
to right, are purple, white and red, then yellow and red.

Solving this puzzle gives you another puzzle, where you 
have to find seven matching pairs. This gets you a kettle 
and a guide on herbs. Go down to the herb garden and use 
the guide on herbs on the garden. This starts a hidden 
objects screen, where you have to pick flowers. Once you 
finish, you get a posy of herbs.

We almost have all the ingredients we need to make tea. We 
just need some water. Go south several times, across the 
moonbridge. There is a fountain near the Pavilion. Use the 
teakettle on the fountain to fill it with water.

Now go north several times. Go to the second floor of the 
Witch's Tower, then zoom in on the fireplace. This is a 
hidden objects screen, where you have to find the pieces of 
the teapot. Once you pick them up, put the firewood in the 
fireplace and use the pocket dragon to light a fire. Put 
your kettle full of water on the hook over the fire, and 
the water will start to boil. Use your gloves to pick up 
the teakettle again to have a kettle full of boiled water.

Back away from the fireplace, then zoom in on the tea 
table. Use the teapot fragments on the teapot here. You 
then have a jigsaw puzzle, where you have to put the pieces 
of the teapot back together.

Once the teapot is fixed, put the herbs and the teakettle 
of boiled water in the teapot. You get a teapot full of 
tea. Then, go back to the top of the tower and use the 
teapot on the goblin.

The goblin challenges you to a game of Tripeaks. When you 
win the game, the goblin talks about what happened a 
hundred years ago. Soon after Princess Sophia was born, the 
enemies of the kingdom decided to attack. They figured 
that, because Sophia had no magic, they could easily take 

The Witch and the other humans were ready for this. A spell 
was cast on the castle, which kept Sophia asleep and safe 
for a hundred years. No one could get in or out of the 
castle, while the spell was in place. Meanwhile, all the 
humans left the area and went to the kingdom to the west.

The goblin then turns night into day, and a brief cutscene 

003g-The Witch of the Woods

    Griffin          Pavilion
       |                |
       |                |
Hidden Passage-----Root Chamber---Balcony

Sophia now knows that she has to travel west to reach the 
other humans. With the goblin, she returns to the Pavilion. 
It is now daytime. The goblin gives her a scythe, then 

The stone table here still needs one more magic card. 
Hopefully, we'll find it soon.

Use the scythe on the vines on the left. This reveals a 
doorway with a puzzle on it. Solve the puzzle by rotating 
and swapping pieces, until all the lines connect. This 
starts another puzzle, where you have to swap the ten 
colors until they are all in the right locations.

From top to bottom, the colors on the left are green, 
purple, gray, light blue and yellow. From top to bottom, 
the colors on the right are red, orange, black, pink and 
blue. The colors snap into place when you put them in the 
right locations.

Solving that puzzle opens the doorway. Go through the door, 
then climb down the ladder to reach the Root Chamber. 

Examine the book on the left side of the screen. This 
starts a game, where you have to find seven matching 
symbols. Once you make the seven matches, you get six 
medallions with symbols on them.

Examine the bookshelf on the left, which has six slots. Put 
the six medallions into the six slots, sorting them by 
color. The red medallion goes on the red shelf, the yellow 
one goes on the yellow shelf, and so on.

Once you solve the puzzle, another puzzle starts. You have 
to sort all the books, according to the color of the jewels 
on their spines. The purple books go on the purple shelf, 
the red books on the red shelf, and so on. The number of 
jewels on the book's spine tells you where it goes on the 
shelf; a book with one jewel goes on the left, while a book 
with four jewels goes on the right.

Solving this puzzle makes the bookshelf slide to the side, 
giving you access to a new area.

We'll go through this area is a moment. First, let's 
continue our work in this room. Tap the mural on the wall 
to start a puzzle. This is a puzzle where you have to 
rotate and swap pieces, in order to form a picture of five 
goblin workers. Pieces snap into place when you have them 

Solving this puzzle opens a small compartment, containing a 
varnish kit.

Examine the shelf on the right. This is a hidden objects 
screen. Find all the items to get a woodcarver's guide.

Examine the small dresser on the right. The bottom drawer 
has a chisel and a screwdriver. Use both of these items on 
the top drawer to open it. Inside, you get a knife and a 

Tap the carpet to find a grate. Zoom in on it, and use the 
screwdriver on it to undo the screws. Use the crowbar to 
peel the grate off for a hidden objects screen. This gives 
you some bust fragments.

Speaking of busts, there is one in the upper/right. Zoom in 
on it and pick it up.

Okay, now we've done everything here in the root chamber. 
Go right, to the balcony.

On the left are some thick roots. Use the woodcarving knife 
on them to cut them. Then, zoom in on this area to find 
another bust.

Zoom in on the wood sculpting bench. Take the wooden bust 
here, then pick up the sandpaper. Then, put the piece of 
paper (the woodcarving instructions) on the instruction 
stand. This starts a puzzle, where you have to swap tiles 
until the entire picture is completed. The design-lines 
help you figure out where the pieces go.

The instructions say how to make a wooden bust. First, we 
need a piece of wood, which we don't have.

Go back to the root chamber, then into the secret passage. 
It's dark here! Seven braziers are in this room. Use the 
pocket dragon on all three of them to light up the room.

Examine the pedestals on the right. They have places for 
the various busts you have found. First, pick up the piece 
of wood on the left pedestal. Then, use the bust fragments 
on the partially-finished bust. This leads to a puzzle, 
where you have to put the pieces back into place to repair 
the bust.

Put the three busts you have on the pedestals. Go down and 
right, to the balcony. Put the block of wood you just got 
on the table for wood sculpting. It's time to follow the 
sculpting instructions we found.

First, use the mallet and chisel on the piece of wood, five 
times in a row. Then, use the knife on the wood. Use the 
sandpaper on the wood, and finally, use the varnish on the 
wood. You now have the completed bust!

Go left twice, to the secret passage. Put the final bust on 
the pedestals. Then, put all the woodworking tools (that 
is, everything except Sophia's ring and the pocket dragon) 
on the pedestals.

You then get a puzzle, where you have to rearrange 
everything according to the mural in the root chamber. A 
copy of this picture is in your journal. Arrange the 
goblin's hats, faces and bodies. Also, the tools, from left 
to right, are the screwdriver, hammer and chisel, crowbar, 
varnish, and knife.

Solving this puzzle gives you five flowers. Now, examine 
the pillars on the left. You want to press the tabs to 
change them. The tabs on the left should be mountains and 
minerals. The tabs in the middle should be trees and 
plants. The tabs on the right should be water and oceans. 
Solving the puzzle gives you three more flowers.

Now, examine the door in the back of the room. Use the 
eight flowers on the door lock for, you guessed it, another 
puzzle. Press the buttons here to swap flowers. You want to 
arrange the flowers from least petals to most petals. The 
flower with three petals goes in the upper/left, while the 
flower with ten petals goes in the lower/right.

Solving this puzzle opens the door. Go through it to find 
the Griffin, the last guardian of Moonfell Woods. It has 
been petrified, just like all the other guardians.

There are two dressers on the right part of the screen. 
Examine the one of the left for a matching game. Find the 
matching pairs to get rid of all the discs. After that, you 
have a puzzle, where you have to sort items according to 
color. Pieces snap into place when you get them correct. 
The pink slipper goes in the pink area, the black-and-
orange snake goes in the black-and-orange area and so on. 
Complete the puzzle to get a silver ingot.

The dresser on the right has a slider puzzle. With this 
puzzle, the empty piece goes in the up/right corner. Make a 
picture of the Griffin on the cliff to open the dresser. 
Inside, you get a bow and arrows.

Inside the dresser are two more dressers. The top one is 
closed with a puzzle. Swap the feathers, so they match the 
pictures (in color). The pieces do not snap into place when 
you get them right. Solve this puzzle to get feathers and 
etchings. Tap on the etchings to have them added to your 

Examine the bottom drawer of the dresser. It's a drawer 
full of arrowheads, and you have to sort them, according to 
the etchings in your journal. When this is done, you get an 
arrowhead mold.

I think we have everything we need to free the griffin. 
Zoom in on the pedestal shaped like an anvil. Put the ingot 
of silver in the top spot and the mold of an arrow in the 
bottom spot. Use the pocket dragon on the silver several 
times to melt it and get a silver arrowhead. Pick up the 
arrowhead to get a full bow and arrow.

Use the bow and arrow on the target in the distance, below 
the Griffin. It comes to life and flies towards you.

The Griffin is hungry. Tap on the eight lizards on the 
screen to pick them up, then use them on the Griffin. It 
gives you a magic card. Find all twelve gears on the magic 
card to pick it up.

Go down four times and use the magic card on the stone 
pedestal in the Pavilion. With all the cards in place, a 
space magically appears. Use your ring in this space, and 
the Witch appears.

A cutscene plays, where the witch talks to Princess Sophia. 
She explains what happened a hundred years ago, in more 
detail. She gives Sophia a key, and she tells her to go 
west, after the humans.

Return to the Griffin. Use the key on the chest in the 
lower left to get a Griffin's saddle. Under it is a map to 
the Goblin Kingdom. The map is blocked by another match 3 
puzzle. Swap the tiles here, in order to match three tiles 
in a row. When you make a match, the tile walls disappear. 
Break all the tiles here to get the map.

Put the saddle on the Griffin, and use the map on the 
Griffin. Then, tap on the Griffin to end the game. Sophia 
rides the Griffin to the place detailed on the map, which 
is the Goblin Kingdom. What will she find there? Find out 
in the next game in the series, Awakening: The Goblin 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).