ZACCARIA PINBALL IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Best RankUnited States Top iPad Paid Games - 17thUnited States Top iPad Paid Arcade - 8thUnited States Top iPad Paid Puzzle - 5thJapan Top iPad Paid Games - 1stJapan Top iPad Paid Arcade - 1stJapan Top iPad Paid Puzzle - 1stHungarian Top iPad Paid Games - 1stHungarian Top iPad Paid Arcade - 1stHungarian Top iPad Paid Puzzle - 1st---"The game is so realistic you won’t be able to stop playing, even though you may find it so difficult that you’ll want to throw your iPad across the room.""Fans of physics-based ball rolling games should check out Ball Towers HD in the App Store." game is an improved version of that arcade game where our ball has to guide to a specific target by balancing of a ball on the ramp.Common features• Various shaped levels for the different skilled players.• Numerous objects which help or block the players' progress.• Gameplay with 60 fps for better and smooth experience.• Real 3D physics simulation that makes movements of the ball very realistic.• Fully OpenGL ES 2.0 support.• OpenFeint support for leaderboards and achievements.• 3D sound system for better audio visual experience.• 10 different balls with various material.• 3 different level packs with 39 challenging levels.• Unlockable achievements.• Unique enviroment that has a special feeling.iPad 2 only features• Dual paraboloid environment mapping for better ball and metal reflection.• Motion blur for realistic moving effect.

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