Cuby is the cutest buddy you ever have! There are so many different ways you can interact with Cuby. You can make him sing, play a guitar and do many other hilarious actions. You can also play ball passing game and peekaboo with Cuby! Each time you reach 100% happiness, you will be rewarded with new clothes and environments! Be sure to take good care of Cuby! Feed him when he is hungry otherwise he won’t play with you!Notification can be turned on and off in the ingame settings.How to keep Cuby happy- Feeding him his favorite snacks and beverages (Ice-cream, Apple Juice, Lollipop, Milk, Cookie)- Play Peekaboo with Cuby (wait 15 seconds and he will hide behind a tree or boxes)- Play Passing the Ball with Cuby (tap on the ball that is found on the left side of the screen)- Cuby likes to get a good rub on his head.- Come back to visit Cuby to receive a daily bonusAbout the Happy Meter- When Cuby is at 80%, you will be able to press the button with paper airplane to see some hilarious actions!- When Cuby is at 90%, you will be able to press the button with a music note to see cuby sings and plays guitar!- When Cuby is at 100%, you will receive either new clothes, new environment, or free snacks!

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