Follow @mobileRCgamer on Twitter for RC Heli and Plane news. Heli 2 and PLANE 2 FREE for a very limited time.IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Some of the planes/games you purchased may appear locked again. If so, simply purchase again. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. (must use same iTunes account)? CNET: "It's definitely worth a look for fans of flight." ? ? 148Apps: "Top Notch Simulation" ?? AppCraver: Ultimate iOS Flight Simulator." ?Introducing the most realistic RC Plane game and sim for iOS with 6 new game modes, 17 planes to pick from and Game Center achievement and leaderboard integration. The graphics and gameplay in this universal app are stunning and optimized across a range of supported Apple devices with specific optimizations for iPhone 4 Retina Display and both iPad and iPad 2. Check it out now.Comes with… • Two stunning environments: Tuscany and Seaside • Game Center leaderboard and achievement integration • 12 Races • Four planes: 3 Ch Cruiser; 3 Ch Fighter 29 Jet; 4 Ch Cruiser; 4 Ch Stunt Plane • 5 Training lessons ranging from 3 Ch takeoff to 4 Ch advanced rudder use. • Free Flight • 3 Camera views: 3rd person; in-cockpit; fixed positionIn-App Purchase Bundles • Carrier Ops Aircraft Carrier game mode with F-4 Corsair and ARF-18 Jet Fighter • Airbus game with two Passenger Liners and one Jumbo Liner • Bird Catcher game with 3 Ch Beachcraft (the pros will like this one) • Fire Fighter Water Plane game with 4 Ch Firefighter Water Plane and 4 Ch Hydro Cruiser. • Road Runner game with f202 Fighter Plane • Cargo mode with RC-130 Cargo Transport Plane • Spitfire WWII plane • European Fighter plane • Realistic 4 Ch Mountaincraft Air Rocker planeUpdated Control Scheme • Real time tweaking of any channel in-game, on the fly. • Custom rudder control for both beginner and advanced mode. • Accelerometer support • Significantly improved controls. • 4 remote modes supported 5 Training Lessons • Save yourself lots of frustration and $ and learn the basics of RC Plane flying on this beautiful sim on your iPhone or iPad. From 3 Ch takeoff to advanced 4 Ch controls, this will give you confidence and a great start.Music done by Davide Cecchi.Enjoy!

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