Connectrode is the most addictive game ever devised by humankind! It's a completely original new type of puzzle gameplay, designed specifically for iOS devices!Connectrode is a soothing but addictive gameplay experience that will engage your mind for minutes or hours at a time - featuring a literally infinite number of randomly-generated levels. Learn the game in minutes, then spend a lifetime mastering it! Lose yourself in the pleasant music, and the hypnotic gameplay experience of Connectrode.Connectrode allows you to play with friends and challenge their high scores! Each game board is generated randomly - but once you achieve a score you're proud of, you can share that score on Facebook or Twitter... along with a link that your friends can follow, to play the very same board you just played, and challenge your high score! Find out which of your friends is the real master of Connectrode.The goal of the game is simple: clear all of the chips from the board. Place connector tiles on the board - use connectors of a certain color to link up two chips of the same color, and the entire chain of colored pieces will then be cleared! But there's a catch: by placing a piece, you can block your own path to place other pieces next turn - so think carefully about each piece you place!Connectrode was developed by a talented team of independents:- Game design & coding by Shay Pierce (professional game developer and veteran of studios such as Blizzard Entertainment)- Art by Dale Austin (talented graphic designer, known for T-shirts from Art consulting by Brad Lewis (professional game artist, inventor, and ownero of Music by David Pencil (soundtrack composer for season 2 of Penny Arcade TV)- Sound effects by Robin Arnott (owner of and creator of audio art game "Deep Sea")

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