======================================Now FREE!!!!!!!======================================9 Hero Defense was finally updated into 2.0 version.You can make a much more interesting play because Mission Mode, a new mode, was added through this update.You can have fun different from Story Mode as a new map, new boss zombies, and fishing, a mini game, were added in Mission Mode added this time.Thanks all the people who have loved 9 Hero Defense all the while and waited for update.UPDATE- Mission Mode is added.- A mini game and a background. - Boss zombies are added. - Game sounds are added.- The level that heroes are changed is added.- The maximum level of heroes is raised up to 50.- The level that super heroes are changed is added.- The maximum level of super heroes is raised up to 30.- Store items are added- The balance is adjusted.- Icons are changed.- Other bugs are corrected To. my beloved animals.Dr.Z has turned the entire humankind into zombies. The humankind’s last hope is the babies kidnapped by Dr.Z. All we have left is you, who are not infected. I will awaken your hidden power. You have to save the babies no matter what. The fate of the world is in your hands. I wish you become the heroes who will save the world. From Dr.KP.S. -Battles are available in line 4.-You can transform 3 times. -You have 3 different skills for support. -When battle becomes difficult, a superhero will come and save you. -Never put your guards down. There is a rumor saying that they also have super zombies on their side. -Always be prepared for zombie attacks. -You can defeat zombie attacks using three different methods.

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