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When can you load a game?

I hate the quicksave feature. It is currently saved right when I am about to lose a battle. How do I get to the data menu? If you cannot do it from the battle menu, and the main menu Continue just loads the quicksave, am I screwed?


GeekyDad answered:

If you go back to the title screen, click Continue, and instead of clicking Okay, click cancel. This will bring you to the load screen where you can then load your hard save.
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styrrr answered:

Simple: Exit out of the game, reload it so that it takes you back to the main menu. Hit "Continue" and it will ask if you want to load the saved data - push 'No' - and it will take you back to your saved game menu and allow you to load a saved game.

This is a very useful trick to use at it allows you to skip random battles, assuming you saved immediately beforehand, without the loss of data or time wasted. I use this regularly and it is great overall; for instance if you wanted to fight a special random battle at a certain location you could keep reloading until it appeared properly.
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