Run with the light in this online multi-player race game!Namco's beloved arcade hit "NEW RALLY-X" has been reborn!Race against friends and rivals from around the world in the Game Center multi-player mode!Special modes and new rules!Compete for points, chase other players, or simply put the pedal to the metal...Choose the mode that suits you and get the party started!------------This application supports iOS 4.1 or greater, for below devices:iPhone: 3GS or neweriPod touch: late-2009 (3rd gen.) model or newer.iPad: all hardware generations.(A WiFi connection is required for online multi-player racing.)If matching does not work smoothly or the screen freezes when conducting local (Bluetooth) battles with 4 players, please try updating your device's OS to its latest version.------------? 6 different game modes?NEW RALLY-X CLASSICThe original NEW RALLY-X with updated graphics.?NEW-RALLY-X SA 2-minute score attack game of NEW RALLY-X.?POINT BATTLEOne player becomes the target that the others pursue, all the while racing for flags and points.?PAINT THE TOWNRoads change color as cars pass over them, and the player who paints the most road wins.?FREE-RUNThis mode lets you race freely all over the map. The more you race, the higher your score, and the highest score wins.?ASSASINEach player has a set "target" which they must chase and assassinate!------------Plus! Extra game packs available as add-ins (sold separately)!? Game Pack 1?TAGOne player is pursued by the other players, who are "it."?SPRINTThe fastest player to make three laps around the course wins.? Game Pack 2 ?OBSTRUCTIONCapture flags placed on the map to create obstacles for your opponents.?CAPTURE THE FLAGCompete with other players to collect a certain number of flags placed on the map.------------? Multi-PlayerRace against up to 3 opponents with Game Center multi-player!Race against the computer, use Bluetooth to race against local opponents, or use WiFi to connect for network challenges.? Choose the controls you like best4-directional and 8-directional virtual pads, 8-directional flick... use the control method that's right for you.? Leaderboards and achievementsCompete on leaderboards for distance raced, flags captured, smoke use, and more -- plus 28 personal achievements to earn!? Retina display support, universal supportDraw lines of light as you race with beautiful Retina graphics, supported not only on iPhone and iPod touch but also on the big-screen iPad!

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