Jump! ALPACA! The one and only ALPACA Game in the market! This is a free download game, enjoy exploring 3 different sections in the game - specially designed! Alternatively, you can experience a complete version of the fame for a special bargain price.?2011, the most well-known animal character in Asia?Game popularity: 100% lovable?Professional audio background music recoded at Million-dollar studioGame Description "Good morning! " memorize the color of ALPACA in order and tap on it as they jump off the fence, choose your own ALPACA!"Good night! " Once upon a time in a land far far away….this is a story that keeps you company when you can’t sleep at night, follow the rhythm, can you remember how many ALPACA are there in the land of far far away?"Tap! ALPACA " flip the same card, designed to challenge the limits of your right brain ! ALPACA card flip game, is your brain awake? can you keep up? =============================??????ALPACA Game*????,3????????????????????????????2011??????????????100?????????????????/???????????!ALPACA??????????ALPACA??,?YOUR TURN???,?????????,??????ALPACA!???!ALPACA??????????,??????????,??????ALPACA,?????????!?Tap!ALPACA?????-???????,?????,ALPACA??????,???????,????????!=============================??Alpaca,???????????????3??????1??? ????????!??????????,??????????,????????,????,?????????????!???????????,???????????,?????,??????????????????????,????????,????????

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