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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I win gold in the Colosseum?

In the colosseum, I won silver my first 2 tries, once was with a level 4 pure (i.e. fire in a fire event) and once was with a level 8 hybrid (mountain in an earth event). Then my most recent try I got bronze, with a level 7 lightning in a lightning event. Do we know yet how they calculate what medal you win? Is it based on level, whether dragon is pure or hybrid, and which matters more? Or is it all just chance as long as you use the right element?

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From: GrYpHoOn 3 years ago

1. Level your dragon into maximum (Level 10), it gives you higher chance of winning,
2. Use hybrids instead of pure but the first element of the hybrid must be the same with the type of competition (for me I got most golds using hybrids),
3. Use hybrids with highest price (Plant use Swamp, Fire use Firefly, Earth use Mud, etc if you get my drift),
4. Pray for luck lol.

I've done step 1-3 and got 90%Gold on Colosseum Battles, except Water Competition which is the most difficult one to master (still Silver here)

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Its probablly the chances you'll get

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It is random as far as im aware as i have had level 10 pure breeds going into events and still come out with different trophies like Gold, silvers and bronzes....

Just Random im afraid

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The stronger your dragon (up to lvl 10) the better the chance that the dragon has to win something good, so try that, it seems to work for me.

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Totally random

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It all depends on the dragons level and your level. The element is actually irrelevant. I won a gold in an event while using a different element dragon. (can't remember which ones :)) Hope that helps!!!

If I were jelly, I would marry peanut butter.

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Use high level dragons the more rare/valuable the better. Always use a new dragon, using the same one more than once greatly decreases. The chance for gold.

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I am a novice at colosseum. These posts are not descriptive. Will try to provide a more instructive comment as I get experience. Luck to all

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You do not

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