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How do I Forge A rainbow gem? 2
How do you perform a Perfect Parry? 1
Where can I find keys? 4
How can you sell your weapons? 5
Is there a minus rebirth? 2
Is there a max skill level for health, attack, block, magic, etc? 2
Negative Bloodline Question? 3
Vault of tears? 1
Mastering Weapons/Armor Help? 2
Has anyone noticed this? 2
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Rebirth? 0
Where can I find the vile helmet? 2
How do I unlock the ??? silhouetted items 2
How Do I Get Into New Game+ ? 3
Getting all items? 2
In the beginning, which stat to upgrade first? 2
Where can I find Wooden Shield? 2
When do the clashmob perks work? 1
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