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Version 1.4 12/26/11                ////     \\\\
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                    /  \ /       /|   @@@@@  | @@@ |___
          __       /    /       /  \        /     /    \
         /  \     /    /       /    \______/_____/      \
        |    \   |     |      /                          \
        |     \__|     |     /                            |
   _____|              |____/                             |
  /      \____________/          |\_______________/|     /
 /             _____             \                 /    /
|             |_____|             \               /    /
|                                  \             /    |
|      ___                          \___________/     |
|     /   \                                           |
|___ /     \                                 __________\
    |       |              _________________/           |
    |       |           __/___                          |
    |       |__        /      \              __________/
     \     /   \_____ /        \____________/   |     |
      \___/          |          |               |     |
                     |          |                \___/
                     |          |
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Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2011

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
004.  Baby Animal Locations
005.  Achievements
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the iOS game called Putt-Putt 
Saves the Zoo.  It's a game for preschoolers, in which a 
car named Putt-Putt goes to the zoo and saves a bunch of 
baby animals.  If you have questions or comments about 
this guide, email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com.


Putt-Putt: The lovable purple car that is the star of the
game.  He's a nice car who always tries to help others.

Pep: Pep is a dog and Putt-Putt's best friend.

Mr. Baldini: He owns the grocery store in Car Town, and he
lets Putt-Putt deliver the food to the new zoo.

Outback Al: The owner of the new zoo, who is too busy to
find the baby animals. He's from Australia.

Chuck Wagon: He gives Putt-Putt free food.  Cool!

Rhyming Monkeys: Beatnik-esque monkeys who spend their
time coming up with rhymes for words.

Penguins: These guys seem nice, but don't do too much.

Polar Bear: He plays hockey against Putt-Putt whenever

Baby Jambo: The elephant who is "trapped by a giant, scary
mouse," that is, in reality, not very big and not very

Kenya: She's the lion cub who is trapped by the waterfall.

Masai: She's a giraffe who got lost.

Sammy: She's a seal who was landed by an unfortunate
damming.  That's not cool; seals need to swim!

Skeeter: A snake who is too cold to slither away.

Zanzibar: A hippo who tries to put on a tough-guy act like
his dad does.

Smokey the Fire Engine: A character from Putt-Putt Joins 
the Parade, who makes a cameo in the photo book at the end 
of the game.


In this game, you can tap on a character to talk to them.
You tap on items to interact with them. To use an item that
Putt-Putt has in his dashboard, just tap the item and then
tap on the thing you want to use the item on.

This game automatically saves your progress. There's a gear
in the lower/left corner which takes you to the settings
menu. There, you can restart the game and turn on the skip
button. That's a button which will appear in the top/middle
of the screen. Tap it during a conversation to skip right
to the end of the conversation. You can also skip through
animations with the skip button.


We start off in Car Town.  It'll look slightly familiar to
all you folks who played Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, except
the graphics are much better in this game.

Putt-Putt stops at Mr. Baldini's for some reason.  Mr.
Baldini is used to having Putt-Putt run groceries for him,
so Mr. Baldini gives Putt-Putt a special grocery delivery
job: deliver some food chow to Outback Al at the zoo.  It's
opening day of the zoo, you know!

Head right down the roads to the zoo entrance.  Tap on
the red button on the speaker, and Outback Al lets you in,
despite the poor reception.  So go into the zoo and talk to
Outback Al.

Outback Al has a big problem: all the baby animals are
missing! Oh no! Al has stuff to do, so Putt-Putt can take 
care of things. Al gives you a list of the baby animals 
and then takes off.

Go to the car on the left.  He's Chuck Wagon, giving away
some free food! Get some cheese squigglies and hot cocoa
from him, free of charge.  Then go back right, and then up
to the main part of the zoo.

From here, you can go to Arcticland, Jungleland, and the

Time for some quick gear-grabbing.  Go to Arcticland and
open the igloo to find a rope.  Then leave Arcticland and
go to the Grasslands.  Grab the log that's in your way,
then head to Jungleland.

Tap on the vine there to swing across the gap in the
bridge.  The alligator just sits there and watches you the
whole time.  Once across, Putt-Putt finds himself with a
group of beatnik monkeys.

Head to the right to find Masai, who's stuck because that
rock prevents the drawbridge from coming down (how did she
get there in the first place, then?).  Let her know that'll
you'll help her as soon as you can, then head back left to
the monkeys.

Go left again, and you meet the snake's mom.  Promise to
help out her son, then move left again to find a raft that
is missing a log. Use the log you got from the Grasslands
on the raft, and Putt-Putt puts it into place.  Jump on the
raft and ride upstream.

You meet the hippo's dad, who is in a bad mood about losing
his son.  Go upstream some more to the waterfall, and you
see Kenya the lion cub there.

Talk to her to learn that she's stuck 'cause she can't
swim.  We'll have to get to her another way.  Go right to
the end of the river and take the scenic view up to the top
of the waterfall.

Use your rope on the waterfall, and Putt-Putt lowers it to
Kenya.  He pulls her to safety, and she somehow makes it
back to her parents without using Putt-Putt's raft.

Go back down the road and go through the cave.  You're back
with Masai.  Help push the boulder out of the way.  Now
ride your raft all the way back down the river and drive
all the way back to the other side of this area, and lower
the crank to let Masai across.

Then leave Jungleland, 'cause you saved all the baby
animals here (there are two in each section of the zoo).
Go to the Grasslands, and move right.  Masai is back home
again, which is good.  Move right again.

Kenya's back home again, too.  That's good.  Move right to 
find Baby Jamba, the elephant, trapped by a mouse.
Elephants are afraid of mice, so Jamba is too scared to move.

Talk to Jamba to get a lowdown on the situation, although I
just gave you one.  Then take the cheese squigglies that
you got from Chuck Wagon, and give them to the mouse.  The
mouse, distracted, runs off, leaving Baby Jamba free to
return home.  Yay, you rescued three of the baby animals!

Move to the right, and you're at the paint shack.  Grab the
shovel and paint yourself a new color if you want to (note
that the dashboard doesn't change if Putt-Putt's color

Move left as far as you can, to the other end of the
Grasslands.  You pass the elephants and the watering hole
on the way.  When you're at the end, you meet Sammy Seal,
who is stuck in the dry river.

You just need to lower the dam to free Sammy, so grab the
tool box and pull out the right gear.  Putt-Putt holds it
up, and you get to see if it matches the gear on the dam.

Find the right wrench and use it on the dam to free Sammy,
which makes four animals done!  Two left to go!  Head back
to Arcticland.

Woah, look at the snow! What an avalanche hazard! Pep
almost sneezes, but Putt-Putt stops him.  Then Putt-Putt
sneezes, even though he has no nose.  An avalanche ensues,
and Putt-Putt makes it out safe (darn!).

Use the shovel on the snow to dig a path, so you can go
explore Arcticland.  You move down the road to find
Skeeter, frozen stiff on the ice.  Give him some hot cocoa
and he warms up right away, and goes back home to his mama.

The road forks here.  You can go right to play some hockey,
but you're supposed to go left to find Zanzibar and some
penguins.  If you go left again, you find Sammy with her

Move towards Zanzibar.  He's stuck on an iceberg.  You need
to make a bridge to the shore.  Move the icebergs (with the
help of the penguins) in the right positions to make the
bridge.  The pieces have to fit together perfectly from top
to bottom.  Here's a small example.  If a piece looks like
|   |

You must find a piece a piece that will fit onto it
perfectly, a piece like:


So that together, they make a perfect rectangle, like this:
|   |

You have to do something like that, only with four pieces
instead of two.  It's not that hard, really.

Once you do that, that means you've saved all the baby
animals!  Yay!  Putt-Putt has saved the zoo!  He gets a
junior zoo keeper badge, and you can play around with a
photo book of the game (make sure to tap on the photos!)
while the credits roll.  Have fun seeing the kids who did
the voices for the main characters!

004-Baby Animal Locations

If you need help finding any of the animals, here's a quick
overview of where all the animals are and how to find them.

1. Baby Jambo is trapped in the Grasslands by a mouse. Get rid
of the mouse by feeding it the cheese squigglies from Chuck

2. Kenya is stuck in the waterfall in Jungleland.  Use rope
from the tool shed in Arcticland to pull her up to safety.

3. Masai is stuck between the drawbridge and tunnel in
Jungleland. Go around Jungleland and go through the tunnel,
then help her push the boulder.  Then go all the way
around Jungleland again and lower the drawbridge.

4. Sammy is stuck in the mud in the Grasslands.  Use a tool
from the toolbox in Jungleland to lower the dam and free her.

5. Skeeter is on the ice in Arcticland.  Give him hot cocoa
from Chuck Wagon to save him.

6. Zanzibar is stuck on an iceberg in Arcticland.  Make a
bridge for him to cross.


The iOS version of this game comes with nine achievements, 
each one worth 100 points. Here's how to unlock them.

1. Animals Found: Beat the game.

2. New Paint Job: Go to the painting station, which is the
place where you find a shovel. Paint Putt-Putt a different

3. Pep's Boogie: Go to the area with the penguins. Turn on
the boombox, then tap on every single penguin so they all
start to dance. Pep will begin to dance, too.

4. Parrot Jokes: Tap on the parrots. They are at the end of
the river that Putt-Putt rides across. Specifically, they are
at the entrance to the cave that Putt-Putt goes through in
order to reach the giraffe.

5. Rapid Rush: Go through the rapids. The start of the rapids
is the screen with the hippopotamus father.

6. Great Photos: Get a camera from Paddy Wagon and use it at
the scenic viewpoint.

7. Rhyme Monkeys: Tap on the monkeys.

8. Zoo Song: Before entering the zoo at the start of the game,
tap on the green hedges which are shaped like plants. They
sing you a song.

9. Matching Game: At the watering hole, tap on the bird and
play his game, which involves tapping on the animals that
appear onscreen. Win a round of the game. 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2011.  If you want
to use this FAQ on your website, please ask me first 
(instructions under general information).