*** For a few days, to celebrate the new update, you can play Gua-Le-Ni for 0,99$!!! ***Gua-Le-Ni is an innovative action-puzzle videogame with a philosophical twist!Taking inspiration from an essay of David Hume's the game prompts the player categorize and feed an odd series of combinatorial beasts that will walk their ways across the screen. This can be achieved by twisting, moving and rearranging toy-blocks to form the correct "name" of the animals. For example, a TI-STER-STER is a beast composed by three modules: a tiger's head and two lobster body parts. Some animals prefer fruits, some meat and it's up to you to feed them the right food. Different food combination lead to different effects that can render the beasts longer, shorter, more or less fast and valuable.The relentless movement of the combinatorial animal walking across the screen urges the player to quickly manipulate the cubes and re-compose the beast’s name. At the beginning of the game, this task is almost effortless, given the slow pace of the beasts and their simple composition. The parading beasts will, however, grow more complex… And so will their names! Luckily, the player can slow down the stampeding animals by means of different types of food. That will grant him or her more time to arrange the cubes correctly.The result is an unique and bizarre idea, with an equally unique and bizarre game, that will challenge the player to match the right cubes with the right beasts parts with increasing tempo.Featured in New & Noteworthly in Japan, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, 'Gua-Le-NI, or: The Horrendous Parade' is the first biometric action puzzle game for the iPad.The critics love Gua-Le-Ni too!"I was pleasantly surprised by the gameplay once I got into it and found it to have many appealing aspects. Oddly beautiful." - 4,25/5 -"Gua-Le-Ni is a brand new take on the puzzle genre" - 87% - (in Dutch)"Completely original and wacky concept; excellent voice acting [...] Gua-Le-Ni’s isn’t like any game you’ve played before." - 3/4 -"The game is tremendously entertaining and seriously challenging. The graphics are breathtaking and the narration is humorous." -"[...] for those of you who, like me, are drawn in by its gallimaufry of nonsense creatures, the game will be nearly impossible to resist. Give in -- Gua-Le-Ni follows through with charm and plenty of fun." - 4/5 -"Their biometrics are sexy. [...] I think it's the first 5 out of 5 I've ever given." - 5/5 -"Every now and then, a new game comes along that takes us by surprise, combining imagination, humor, and art in a unique new way." - 4/5 - iPad app of the week"The final product is an absorbing puzzle game, capable of creating that visceral dependence that is crucial for the success of this type of titles." - 9/10 - review"The game experience is considerably deep and incredibly balanced, Gua-Le-Ni never stops being stimulating and rewarding." - review"The interface in this game is very well-done, the visuals are nice, and rotating/spinning the cubes is extremely responsive." - 4.5/5 -"Gua-Le-Ni is a bizarre, but incredibly imaginative and addictive iPad title." - 8-bit Girl"BEST APP Italiana 2011 iPad Miglior gioco italiano per""2011 Best App Ever Awards Winner in Best Dice Game"

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