Do you enjoy desktop MMOs but don't have the time anymore?Would you like to quest or go on Raids during a boring meeting?In study hall?On the train or bus?Do you yearn for something more exciting than a "Do it" button on your MMOs?Welcome to BOOK OF HEROES, the ultimate MMO on the Go experience!- Tackle over 300 quests that reveal the story of Glenfort and the powerful forces threatening to destroy it!- Defeat dozens of different enemies in our unique time-based battle system!- Play with your friends, or make new ones, by joining guilds!- Tackle epic monsters in our unique Raid system and complete Challenges with your guild!- Choose from one of three classes: Justicar, Shadow Walker and War Mage!- Outfit your character with awesome gear, and customize your stats with our unique Augment Gem and Runic Enchantment systems!- Chat with other players to get hints, share advice and make new friends!- And don't forget our User Forums, Daily Quests, Feats of Heroism, Leaderboards and so much more!Book of Heroes is constantly being updated with new content, raids, and fixes! Give it a try, it's FREE!Visit our Facebook page at for news and promotions, and to Like us :)This game requires an internet connection.

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