**From the inventor of Pictureka! Welcome to '+/-' (plus minus)‘+/-‘ is an easy card game based on the theme of endangered species. It is an addictive and interactive game where players have to focus on an ever changing winning scenario. This makes ‘+/-‘ very innovative and challenging as most games stick to a fixed outcome. '+/-' can be enjoyed both as a single player or a multiplayer game.HOW TO WIN ‘+/-‘? This is the unique thing about ‘+/-‘: it depends. At the start of the game the ‘+/-‘ dice is thrown. Depending on the result of the throw, the goal on how to win the game in unveiled. When it is a ‘+’, the players need to accumulate as many points as possible of their chosen endangered species. If a ‘-‘ is thrown the players need to accumulate the least possible points of their chosen endangered species.UNIQUE TWISTS '+/-' is full of tricks, here are a few:THROW THE '+/-' DICEChange the purpose of the game by throwing the '+/-' dice.During game play it will be possible to throw the ‘+/- dice’ up to 3 times again. Each time there is a 50/50 chance that the goal will change to the opposite. This will trigger a strategy from the players. When all of a sudden they realize they have to start doing the exact opposite of what they have been doing up till now in order to win the game.SWAP PLACESSure why not, in '+/-' it is all possible, simply become the other player by swapping places with him.SWAP HANDSA bad hand of cards? Not to worry trade them with another player.CAGE AN ANIMALThis nullifies the value of that card.FREE THE ANIMALThis opens up the cage so the card gets its value backDIFFICULTY & DURATION‘+/-‘ was created to bring pure fun. So it is both easy and fast to learn and short to play. As with all Lagali games, game inventor Arne Lauwers brings a perfect balance of luck & strategy into the game mechanic. So it is a very accessible game for families. All players have an equal opportunity to win. Thanks to the many twists it is a game with a very high fun level.SINGLE PLAYER MODEPlay against 1,2 or 3 computer player(s).MULTIPLAYER MODEHilarious fun as you can connect over Bluetooth to compete against each other. Up to 4 players can each play on their own Ipads against each other. ABOUT THE MAKERS OF '+/-'. '+/-' was invented by multi award winning game inventor Arne Lauwers. He is also the inventor of many games like Ahrbol, Radio Frogs,Luggage Frenzy, UPM, 321, Parachute, The Great Funny History Game, Gnome Race and the “Pictureka!®” board game, that has been licensed to Hasbro. All the artwork was created by Het Geel Punt, the acclaimed designer studio from Belgium. Programming was done by Hong Kong based iMad Check out all the latest news about Lagali Asia games on or go to our Facebook fan page.

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