Question from JonluvSteph

How do I solve the magic barrier in the dark castle?

I been going room to room in the dark castle but I can't find the seal where is it?


HeartofWitch answered:

Go to the Board and look for the thread 'Help!!' (can be found in the first page), the answer to your question can be found there.
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HeartofWitch answered:

To serve as future reference to players who would come across this question as well, the topic/thread 'Help!!' which contains the answer is dated 1/16/12 4:11am and was created by JonluvSteph.
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Matmail answered:

Blader Level 70 Normal Mode
ATT 2330 DEF 1024 HIT 147.72
CRI 62.58 EVA 64.77 CRI DMG 32.52 CRI EVA 39.16

ENTER : Different area
HEAD : Same area

After you enter the tower. Head left and up the stairs. You will see two doors. Choose the right one and enter.

You will see only one door. Enter it.

Go enter the door in the upper floor.

You see two doors in the upper floor. Choose the left one. Enter.

After that. Head to the door in the lower floor. Enter.

You see two doors in the lower floor. Choose the door that lead to down/below. Not the left one. Good Job!
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