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Preferred lvl. to beat Shaturu? (spoilers . . .)

I'm having a bit of a problem here . . . I have been training rigorously with my slayer class (my chosen class to beat the game with first, though it once was the blader), and have raised his lvl. to 70. I've also acquired the guardian set with it's set bonus. But when I go to face Shaturu, I manage to take down 3 out of four legs and die shortly afterwards, even in the "Death Angel" form or whatever it's called. I do not want to lvl. him up into hell mode, though unless I need to. What should I do?

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Kuchinatsu answered:

Level 70 is the highest you can go in normal mode. You may want to try strengthening each of your equips (magic dust is a must!) until 3. Slot your gear with sheathe stones as well, preferrably some combination of STR, CON, and ATK ones.

The fight against Shaturu requires patience more than anything else. Don't run into the cloud of flies he spits out, don't stand in one place unless you want to be vanquished by those pillars of light, and keep your HP high just to be safe.

His four legs are not destroyable--they'll darken when their hp dwindles down to 5-10%. However, due note that once the legs darken, they'll start recovering. Instead of focusing on bringing them down one at a time, try slashing all the legs so they're taken down around the same time (this should be easy to do, considering you'll constantly be weaving in and out around him). This way, his head will be down for a longer period of time, which means more time for you to unleash your most powerful skills to hit Shaturu hard.

His legs will recover soon enough though. Just wash, rinse, repeat, and his head will be gone in no time. Good luck.
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