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Hidden items

In this game, you will need to search for a lot of hidden items all around the "urban crime" world.

Hidden wheels

Reward for collecting all : WAC-h car

1st wheel is at the power station

2nd wheel is on the roof a building

3rd wheel is on the balcony (needs helicopter)

4th wheel is inside the garden of one mansion

5th wheel is on top of one of the tallest buildings

6th wheel is on a small island

7th wheel is at the railway station

8th wheel is inside the american football stadium

9th wheel is in front of an house

10th wheel is on top of the airplane (needs helicopter)

Hidden surfboards

Reward for collecting all : unknown

1st one is on a boat near a palace 2nd one is at the shipping place through the gates 3rd one....

The reward is a fast jet ski