Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Tango Chase to become FREE for a day!? “FUN and engrossing” - “EXCITING action arcade game” - “like good old MARIO" - “DONKEY KONG in reverse” - "ENGAGING ... lots of VARIETY.” - gamezebo.comDownload the addictive adventure TANGO CHASE – FREE today!THE CHASE IS ON! Tilt, swipe and swing Tango, the orangutan hero, to help rescue his stolen sweetie from a sneaky Supervillain.Brave heroes will enjoy an action-packed adventure through a wild world of colorful locations including: snake-ridden jungles, steamy rain forests, slippery canyons, fiery factories, cursed ancient ruins, and even under the sea. Bounce, drop and dodge dangerous obstacles while collecting golden bananas andpower-ups.Based on the highly popular game in the award-winning online world of HEROTOPIA.PLAY ALL 72 LEVELS FOR FREE NOW!? Multi-directional tilt controls? OVER 70 LEVELS of adventurous game play to challenge your skills and quick reflexes? Dodge dangerous obstacles and creatures to help reunite Tango and his sweetheart? Collect coins and rare gems to unlock super power-ups and upgrades from the shop? Global Leaderboards and Achievements to earn? Share with friends on Facebook and Twitter

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