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How do I solve carrot challenge and board challenge?

One challenge asks for carrots, but the picture of the item is canned pineapple. Another challenge asks for boards, but the picture is jarred pickles and it definitely wants you to plant something. I have more than enough boards to satisfy the challenge, but it is not recognizing them. Seems to be some confusion here...

KathyTop provided additional details:

Well I found out that you do NOT plant carrots or provide cut boards, that's for sure. The boards request had a picture of pickles in a jar and once my canned food factory was built I did the pickles...that satisfied the request. Unfortunately, the carrot request has a picture of canned pineapple. I have plenty of pineapple in storage, but canned pineapple isn't available until the last the request will go unanswered for a long time.

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