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What does a silver / golden golem do?

Question is pretty much self explanatory. I got 2 summons, one was a silver golem c+ and the other was a golden golem c, they have 1 point in each field, and can only lv to lv 2 before hits max. They are worth a lot of money, the silver one is like 8g's, but they have to to something else.

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Seryos answered:

That's about it, the only thing they are useful for is money,.
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jay_103 answered:

They're like treasure chests.
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uoldgoat answered:

I agree with the previous 2 people. I think the thought is that since these guys are walking mounds of silver/gold, they're soft but quite valuable.

I did attempt to sacrifice a Silver Golem to another one of my monsters and it was just like any other sacrifice (no extra bump or special abilities were added).

It is worthwhile to sacrifice a C Silver to another C Silver to upgrade it to C+ though. A C sells for 2000 while a C+ sells for 8000 - so you're doubling your money. I found a Gold C+ and it sold for 16,000 so I'm inclined to believe the same can be said there.
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