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Infinite donuts and money?

Is there a way to get infinite donuts and money? If not, is there a way to get a whole bunch at once other than buying them with real money?

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Well, I don't think that breaking the law is worth it. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

jj_darkrai answered:

You can do this to get infinite donuts

1st turn of the device
then press and hold the sleep button (2 sec)
then continue holding sleep; press and hold home button (10 sec)
release sleep button; continue holding home (15 sec)
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TJSpyke answered:

The only way to get infinite donuts and money is illegally. You need a jail broken iOS device (this is not the illegal part), then you download a hack for the game. Doing so is ethical though, and you could end up getting banned from Origin by EA (and rightfully so, you are stealing from them).

Th eonly way to legally get donuts for free Is leveling up and sometimes jobs will give them.
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TappedOutHacker answered:

You Can Get half priced Premium items from email them for prices and instructions
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