Jamaican Discsta is a cartoon-style adventure game where the player struggles to make it big in the music business of Kingston.


A re-make of the insanely popular Jamaican Discsta game for older mobiles, now featuring better sound and completely re-made graphics but still with the addicting game-play of the original game!

Buy and sell records, get cool clothes, flirt and listen to rumors about new hot artists. It�s hilarious, cool, authentic and highly addictive!

Gameplay video:

� � � � � FEATURES � � � � �
� Trade Records
� Rumors reveal upcoming hot artists
� Outfit your character with cool clothes to improve your score!
� Throw a party and get a special Dub Plate just for you
� Play White Labels and Dub Plates at the Dancehall
� Interact with NPCs through events. Follow storylines like the Bobo Dreads and more!
� Get bullied by the Police
� Share your score on Twitter.

Jah Love!

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