NOW WITH BRAND NEW EVENT TOUR - CREW BATTLE!Tear past the competition on a fierce ride to the finish line in the World’s first longboard racing game, Downhill Xtreme! OVER 3 MILLION DOWNLOADS, AVERAGE RATING 4.5 STARS!Need more convincing? Here’s what DHX riders are saying:“Fun and awesome, this game was built for awesomeness!!!”“This game is really addicting... Love it!”“This game rocks I wish I could give it 10 stars”“It's as close to downhill skateboarding as you can get right now without actually doing it”“The best game ever seen recommended 1000%.”From the creatives behind the Hockey Nations series and Football Kicks, Downhill Xtreme launches you through a whirlwind of exotic locations and sets you against all challengers and the clock in an adrenaline fueled race to the bottom. Speeding through tracks of volatile twists and turns, progress from amateur racer to professional longboarder by conquering new destinations and tougher races, collecting money and prizes along the way. Compete for international leaderboard dominance in Medal Events while going rogue in limited-time Online Events and winner-take-all, renegade style Outlaw Events. If you’re up for a challenge of a lifetime, take on the toughest crews from around the World in Crew Battle. From heart-stopping hillsides to scenic slopes, Downhill Xtreme will take you on an electrifying racing experience unlike any other! -- Features -- DOMINATE YOUR RIVALS IN THE WORLD’S COOLEST LOCALES - Enjoy lush 3D graphics and precise gyroscopic controls. - Go PRO and join the big players from around the World. - Pick your rivals and go head-to-head for the ultimate bragging rights.- Battle the World’s best crews and unlock exclusive SPARTAN rewards in Crew Battle- Improve your skills and overall fitness with the selection of top coaches to rack up some extra XP and $$. SKATE IN STYLE AS YOU CRUSH THE COMPETITION - Killer soundtrack featuring brand new, previously unreleased tracks as well as your favorite tunes from the coolest indie artists, including We Outspoken, Kidd Russell and The Clench. - Custom collection of boards from basic models to high performance, designer boards, including the Urban Rodeo Signature Series that features exclusive board art from Downhill Xtreme’s favorite artists. Reign over your fellow racers with the untamed SPARTAN board.- A wide selection of wheels for improved acceleration and drift. Wheels wear out, so keep an eye on their condition to keep on top of your game. - Choose from the latest hairstyles, gear and accessories to take over the leaderboard with style. CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Incredibly realistic lighting and shading effects. - Optimized for iPhone 5- Real-time newsfeed and race results. - Game Center integration and Facebook connectivity for sharing the highlights of your racing career. Want to check out more longboard racing awesomeness? Visit us on Facebook at

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